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Exploring great wood giants in the enchanted desert of a Belgian forest: the dedication of a man

 Exploring great wood giants in the enchanted desert of a Belgian forest: the dedication of a man

Recognized for his notable sculptures made with recovered wood, artist Thomas Dambo has presented one of his impressive creations deep in a section. These lovely works of art, skillfully constructed from discarded materials that are in nearby landfills, not only attract attention to the pressing issue of waste management, but also play the value of sustainability through sustainability through The artistic expression.

In addition to the captivating images, Dambo offers a sincere description of his works:

“I believe colossal wood trolls worldwide, hiding them in forests and wild areas. Through this effort, I aspire to remove people from concrete jungles and computer screens, encouraging them to hug nature and reconnect with the natural world. I build all my huge sculptures with recycled materials to show the potential inherent in this beautiful resource, which is often ruled out and represents a threat to the natural environment. ”


This visionary artist has also initiated multiple hidden troll projects worldwide, each of which is a testimony of its commitment to combine art and environmental awareness. To explore more than your masterpieces, visit your website. The photographic credits of these impressive images belong to Thomas Dambo.

Thomas Dambo's journey towards the creation of these magical creations arose from his durable love for the construction of things, the wood being his favorite half. However, the monotonous life of a carpenter led him to seek a deeper meaning for his work. Since 2011, Dambo travels Denmark, designing lovely structures that capture the imagination.

Many of his projects began as mere curiosities that fed the creative spirit of Dambo, and he has embraced without fear this childish wonder until adulthood. Next, we offer a look at the meticulous crafts that Dambo and its collaborators put in each of the seven imposing giants.

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