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Sehaj Arora, owner of the famous Jalandhar ‘kulhad pizza‘ eatery, has claimed in a post on Instagram that he is facing political pressure to settle the case over the purported video that claims to show him and his wife in a compromising position.

Sehaj Arora and his wife Gurpreet Kaur, who recently had a baby, run an eatery in Punjab’s Ludhiana which is famous for ‘kulhad pizza’. While the couple was already famous on social media for their pizza, they went viral again last week after a private video allegedly featuring them surfaced.

As the purported video went viral massively, Sehaj Arora took to Instagram and claimed that the video was fake and AI-generated to blackmail him.

In a fresh post now, Arora has appealed for public’s support in making the circulation of the video stop on the internet, adding that he and his wife are being “forced to settle the case due to political pressure.”

Appeal to media and public…I don’t have the energy to give interview and make videos again and again. Don’t ruin our image by giving fake statements without any evidence,” Sehaj Arora wrote on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

“Police is doing its job. We are being forced to settle this due to political pressure. Statements were made against us when we denied. I have all the evidence. We don’t have any political support. We need your support to stop these videos on internet and get justice,” he added.

Six days ago, Sehaj Arora, seen standing outside a police station in Jalandhar in his video, alleged that someone sent them the fake video on Instagram and demanded money. Arora added that they refused to give the money after which the video was shared online.

As the clip spread on social media like wildfire, Sehaj Arora shared another video two days later and appealed for help. In that video, Sehaj Arora said he wouldn’t get into whether the video is fake or not but would talk about their current situation and what they are facing.

Sehaj Arora also told in that video that the woman who blackmailed them over the viral clip was arrested by the police. He also accused a YouTuber named Karan Dutta of spreading the fake video.

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