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Moving: dog remains in ambulance during its owner's trip to the hospital

Moving: dog remains in ambulance during its owner's trip to the hospital

When the owner had an accident, the dog was always by his side and he never left

Anderson Bahi was leaving home from work one night when he noticed an ambulance on the side of the road. Near a man fell ill on the sidewalk while playing with his dog, several people reacted and helped him take him to the hospital. When the car was about to leave, Anderson saw the little dog jump to the back of the ambulance with his father inside.

The dog did not want to let his father go to the hospital with no one around, fortunately the people of the ambulance saw the dog and opened the door to let him in. This is loyalty is a master the purest of it.

But the dog doesn't stay there ...

When he arrived at the hospital, the dog was sitting outside the door waiting for doctors to bring his father inside, the dog was ready to wait until his father could return. An animal rescuer named María Lucía Muñiz who lives nearby learned about the dog and offered to adopt it during the night, but the dog waited patiently.

Not long after the dog's father returned, after almost an hour, the dog's father could go home and his family was also there to take him to him and the dog home. Amazing!

Through this story each of us realizes that dogs have an unconditional love for their owners, so we must also correspond to that love every day with concrete actions.

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