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Most Beautiful Actress in Web Series Beautiful Actresses In Indian Web-SeriesTop 10 web Series actress Ullu web series


Most Beautiful Actress in Web Series Beautiful Actresses In Indian Web-SeriesTop 10 web Series actress Ullu web series

When the web series on Ullu App begins its journey

Nowadays most of the people have broken the continuity of Bollywood and watched various web series. Basically, netizens are flocking to the watch list of sweaty web series. However, many people do not find the name of the actress and her profile despite enjoying the web series. If you want to know the exact identity of all these actresses, then today's article is totally for you. Because, in today's article we are going to tell you about the top 10 actress profiles of Ullu App-

10. Rekha Mana Sarkar: This popular actress has been working in web series for many years. He has been associated with the app ever since the web series started running on the Ullu app.

Born: 23rd October 1995
Age: 28
Instagram: Rekha_Mana_Sarkar
Notable Web Series: Dulaani, Call Boy Rakhail, Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 etc.

9. Mahi Khan: Known as Mahi Khan on screen in the web series, this popular actress' real name is Farhana Sheikh. Over the past several years, he has given hit web series one after another.

Born: 7th March 1995
Age: 28
Instagram: official_maahiesworld
Notable web series: Double Kand, Vasu, Khun Bhari Maang etc.

8. Donna Muncie: A bright star in the world of colorful lights is Donna Muncie. The actress, who is very popular on social media, has starred in hit web series one after the other.

Born: 23 October 1996
Age: 27
Instagram: Donnamuncy_
Notable web series: Jaal, Jabran Khoon Bhari Maang, Indori Ishq etc.

7. Tanya Chatterjee: One of the most popular actresses in web series, Tanya Chatterjee started her career with TV serials. After that he got popularity after starting acting in web series.

Born: 27th November 1994
Age: 29
Instagram: Tania_Chatterjee
Notable web series: Kasak, Dil Do, Pahari etc.

6. Ayushi Jaiswal: One cannot find a person who is not impressed with the look of one of the most popular web series actress Ayushi Jaiswal. Basically, she has millions of fans on the net for her hottest acting.

Born: 27th August 1996
Age: 27
Instagram: official_aayushijaiswal
Notable web series: Badan, Extreme Yoga, Walkman, Piyasi Pushpa, Lady Finger etc.

5. Priya Gamre: This popular actress has gifted her followers one web series after another. This actress has been associated with Ullu for many years.

Born: 20 May 1993
Age: 30
Instagram: priagamrefem_
Notable web series: Gachi, Charmsukh Majboori, Pahari, Shahad, Dil Do etc.

4. Genie Jazz: Genie Jazz is one of the most beautiful web series actresses. The actress has played a major role in popularizing the Ullu app. Ullu app became popular mainly due to his performance.

Born: 27th June 1986
Age: 37
Instagram: Genie_Jazz
Notable web series: Charm Sukh, Jaane Anjaane Mein-1/2/3/4/5/6, Dhol Dhal, Akeeli, Rikshawala etc.

3. Sneha Paul: Sneha Paul is one of the few Bengali actresses who rose to fame in web series. The actress made her debut through the web series 'Charm Sukh Chaul House'.

Born: 27 November 1994
Age: 29
Instagram: Snehapple_
Notable web series: House-3, Charm Sukh Chaul House, Charm Sukh Chaul House-2 etc.

2. Payal Patil: Payal has already earned a reputation as one of the rising stars in the world of web series. Apart from Ullu App, this young actress has acted in multiple media.

Born: 18th March 1997
Age: 26
Instagram: payalpaatil_
Notable web series: Amours, Secret Material, Secret Superstar, Secretary etc.

1. Ridhima Tiwari: Ridhima Tiwari is a popular web series actress and model. She made her debut with the web series 'Jalebi Bai' on the Ullu app. After that, Ridhima created a sensation by playing the hottest in one series after another.

Born: 31st July 1993
Age: 30
Instagram: natasharajsewari_
Notable web series: Babuji Ghar Par Hai, Walkman, Andaar Ki Baat, Betab Ishq, Jalebi Bai etc.

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