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The viral video of the baby monkey with tears in his eyes by clapping his hands on Gopal

 The viral video of the baby monkey with tears in his eyes by clapping his hands on Gopal

If we say to gather the spice of daily entertainment, many people will raise the topic of social media. In fact, no matter how many movies, serials or series the market shakes, viral videos on social media have the ability to beat other media in this regard. Social media and viral videos are virtually inseparable.

The number of videos shared on social media every day is unimaginable. As the concept of social media becomes popular among the masses, the number of its platforms is increasing by leaps and bounds. However, among the many social media platforms that exist so far, Instagram will be at the top of the list in terms of popularity and usage.

In fact, the trend of viral videos on platforms like Instagram or Facebook is relatively high. Especially after Tik Tok was banned in India, its popularity increased overnight with the arrival of Instagram Reel. You can show your thoughts, opinions or talents in a few seconds of video. However, it is not always the dance song video that goes viral. Sometimes there are some incidents that are shown through videos which are quite surprising. A similar video has recently gone viral on the netpara.

In the video, it is seen that a very beautiful idol of Gopal is placed in front of the window. And there is a baby monkey sitting outside that window. He puts his hand through the gap of the window and tries desperately to touch Gopal once. As he continued to try, once he reached it, an amazing thing happened. The baby monkey was seen patting Gopal with utmost compassion. After that, netizens started wiping their eyes in a strange way after seeing the video. Bhakti is not limited to mankind, as this video proves once again. One wrote, the baby monkey started crying after seeing its master. Another wrote, "The monkey recognized Lord Sriram by touching Gopal, so tears came to his eyes." All in all, the video got a lot of love from the netizens on social media.

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