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Copy Paste Video on YouTube & Earn $3000 Per Months | Make Money Online

Copy Paste Video on YouTube & Earn $3000 Per Months | Make Money Online

Copy Paste Video on YouTube & Earn $3000 Per Months | Make Money Online

 copy from google and paste on youtube in this way we

earned 22 lakh rupees on this channel and on this channel i showed you we

earned ₹ 6 lakh and on this channel and on this earned ₹ 32 Lakh.. so how did this happen, we

will discuss in this video, what we are going to talk about is that you have to

copy things from Google and upload that on youtube and how you can earn money,

The proof has appeared here also you can see on the thumbnail also

you must have seen that there is an earning of 32 lakh rupees and you don't even have to show your face, you

don't even need to show your face, so in this video we will discuss the same thing.

Have to watch the video till the end because there are many steps,

put on earphones and keep watching the video till the end so that you do not miss any point

because if you miss any point then it is possible. You will not be able to do it,

you have to work hard and watch this video till the end, just after that you

have to work hard, then we will start this video now. T and I show you the whole thing

step by step how you can earn lakhs of rupees by copying from Google and

pasting on YouTube then we go on our screen and I show you from Google

what we have to copy and Where and where you have to make a video by pasting it,

so that you can earn lakhs of rupees, in this video I am going to give

you the idea of ​​a very good channel, so watch this video till the end, you

will see a channel Quotation and Motivation In the name of and it has one lakh subscribers if

I show you the analytics of this channel then if you open the social media then this

channel has uploaded only 14 videos only 14 videos have generated 14 subscribers

this channel has 29 lakh views Pay and if I talk about its earning then

earning is going to be around 5000 dollars if we multiply that by seven then it

is around 35 3 lakh rupees for 5 years and if we don't see its anniversary then that is very much It's okay

and if you see the views on this channel, then the views are daily like this

is 42000 A 42000 A There are 65000 but what we have done on this channel is that we have

not uploaded many videos, we have uploaded only 14 videos, this channel

has become a money making machine in a way and how to make videos on this channel

. We will talk about making such a video, in this video, first we see

what content this channel has put, okay, then if I

talk about the most popular video of this channel, then here you will see a code We have inserted

ok this is three things an intelligent person should yavoid and

what is the title of this Courts of Albert Einstein now look at these videos you will

not generate such views on youtube search your views will come from browse features means people

's homepage And whenever the video goes to the homepage of the people, then you have to

think of such a title of such cuts, such a thumbnail so that people click here you can see that it

is written 10 more silent you are more you are now what next Now many people

think that I am silent, for those people this is another silent

video . Whatever happens, it lasts the most because there are many such people who

mean that they remain silent, they remain lost in themselves, so they like to see this thing,

friend, I do not speak much because they talk to more people.

If you make a video for them, they can watch the video, even

if someone is sitting, they can watch the video, because they remain silent, they talk

more, then you can target silent videos as well. Here

also you can see that another silent friend has been talked about never trust

style and friend because now the silent person will now think that I

am silent but why don't you want to be friends with me, what did you think here Diya dot

diya diya 3, ab he will further think that man, what is this thing here too, if you look at

the person, intelligent person, half, everyone thinks themselves to be intelligent, that man, I

am very intelligent, I am very intelligent, I am silent base, but I He understands that he is

intelligent , he should do three things or wide. Now what should the intelligent person think

? If anyone is not intelligent, what will he think, friend, which are the three things

that I should not do in my life or which I will not be able to achieve success, then in

this way you are understanding psychology, are you understanding your kiss? In this way we have

to make thumbnails, we have to make thumbnails where you write incomplete things, you

don't have to tell everything there, if you see, if I go to this channel,

if I show you the video below, you are okay, see this relationship, love now. Look

what mistake has he made here, he has written too much text, when you write

too much, that guy is not able to read the whole thing, there

should be less text on the thumbnail, if you write more text

If you don't give, then

the person in front will not understand that thing, if you have to understand it, think for yourself

. So that video gets played,

that means you have one or two seconds to click the viewer, then

you take less of it. You can write more text in the text, you will not be able to read it completely, you will

not understand everything, everything will be spoiled, you will not get clicks, it will

be good to write more tax, you will write less tax, now 30 life lessons are written, now here

if 30 live lenses Bahut saara ho jaata yaar 30 live lens mein kaun dekhna ek

video mein, no matter how small the video is, I will not take 30 lessons, but yahan

pe agar dekhoge na teen video pe jidas views hai, ye psychological facts, he has written

14 most important psychological facts Facts ye agar koi banda na bhi na

degi na psychological facts he will go to don't say anything now see what is

written here don't say anything we are seeing here na

see here don't say anything old will think even after that Yaar kya nahi

bolna hai kya cheez baatein nahi karni hai if me dajunt love hi tok about yeh dekho saare

ke saare english mein hai hindi me aapko paas pura easy sa sari sari pada pada hai

because motivational videos get views so quickly na ki bande dekhte Keep

watching videos related to motivation keep on watching the courts now this

is the course if i play this video okay this video i have played one you are seeing

albert einstein is visible and that full text is visible nothing to do

nor If you want to give the same show,

then you can give the

same show.

Look, you have a simple thing, now Abdul Kalam ji's

birth anniversary is coming, maybe it is around 15th, on this date things related to Abdul Kalam

will rise, there you have a very good chance to grow a motivational channel

and That too from Abdul Kalam ji, now look at the success quotes written by Abdul Kalam,

because everyone wants to know about success, so here it is, haven't you seen a lot of

things, you can open any one website like I have given here at the top. I have opened the website which

was coming, now look here, I am seeing many quotes,

now look here it is written, now gar hum dekhe na dream is not witch u

see wile sleeping it is something dat des not let


sleep Me so there you can write what if

you are not able to sleep then what has happened you can write why you are not able to sleep

because you have a dream within the video you will come aap banda agar us

bande ko Abdul Kalam ji's photo is not sleeping, here it is written that if you are

not sleeping, then you have put dot dot near him, now what will that

person do? Everyone wants to hear what he has said and you can also write this in the title,


Kalam Court, now look, he has seen the thumbnail in it, he

will not read the title, even if he does not, then there Pe agar likha raha abdul

kalam court to abdul kalam court agar main yahan pe bhi lekhta na agar hum type

youtube pe jaake to wahan pe hai na suggestion e jayega abd full kalam motivational quotes

abdul kalam all those keypads you can target in your description in your tags

's see a court

If you are starting the channel for two minutes,

because in one and a half to two minutes, any new person will come

to your channel, when does he stop, when he has faith in you, then you should give him two to

three minutes to make him believe that Good content is available inside this channel, which you

have written one thing on your thumbnail, do not provide more than

you always promised on your thumbnail, you have promised about dreams that you

are not able to sleep because you have a It was written if there is a dream, after that we

are telling inside the video, Sapna Hai, now about dreams, all the facts about dreams. Please tell me

inside the video and tell the extra two-three minutes lo usse bande kya apna next thor

woh dekhte hain ab dekho ye bhi about sapne agar I

told a code in the sapne wali video after that you convert this also in hindi By doing this you can write directly on it,

you do not need to show your face, you do not have to show your face, you have to do

what you have to do, you have to put these motivational quotes and many people tell you that

friend, it will be monetized, it will not be your original. Content is there, you are picking up from anywhere,

you can do the same shower, if you are capable, if you can speak, you

can do the same show.

If you want then you can buy mike from there also ok so now

see about dream we also got a thought after that we go down after that we

got about success if you see what is written here Look here

very good thing is written about traveling

. O what happens

when there is a journey, then what can we write, if you have been troubled in life, then what is going to come

is very big, what is going to come, traveling is the essence of success, that means you are worried,

why are you living with your less So what will be the use of it, you will get success

from there, you will get success, you have to make it inside the video, now coin master

tool comes, there are many dating tools, what to do there, copy it from here

and paste it in the software. Kar dena hai ek photo fix rahni hai

pick a photo of abdul kalam ji put it on a black background and put a background music behind it

just put background music either straight quotes dal two straight courts daloge na thoda sa

chance hai ki ab to channel Don't monetize now but if you have voice over

your own voice then it is guaranteed that the channel will be monetized and you

can grow so fast that you can't even imagine and you can earn so much money

watch a lot if you If you will do it in English then there is an advantage,

look at you in English, now you have to do voice over, whatever is written

If you don't know English very well, do you have a friend, you can

speak to him, friend, I have a one minute video of him, you don't have to shower, just

make someone say it once Two these lines I will edit later

keep those lines keep this full text and play the video now video is complete

video has been uploaded uploaded on thumbnail I told same streets he has to do if

you won't do that study I have shown you the proof before, neither it will be

of such motivational channels, from which we are earning a lot,

I have shown you absolutely money, how much I am earning, I have shown subscribers, I

have also shown views 11 11 million views Here is a channel, first of all

I had shown the proof, now you can watch the video back, it has 100 million views and

it is 1 month old, you can imagine that 100 million views in a month will have to be worked hard,

you only have to work hard. You will have to do it and if you work hard, then things

will happen at all, today they will not happen tomorrow they will not happen in a month. 

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