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Earn money from youtube, earn money from youtube, how to earn money from youtube, income from youtube

Earn money from youtube, earn money from youtube, how to earn money from youtube, income from youtube

YouTube is one of the most popular social media in the digital world. It is difficult to find a person who is connected to the Internet but has not used a bar and YouTube. The site was launched on an experimental basis in May 2005. Since then it has gained popularity like a storm. YouTube officially started its operations in December of the same year. By then, his daily video views crossed the 2 million mark. Earn money from YouTube

YouTube  (English:  YouTube ) is a San Bruno, California-based global online video platform service  site  and social media, launched in February 2005. YouTube  is an important platform nowadays. In October 2006, Google purchased the site for $1.65 billion. Ways to earn money from YouTube

It is currently the second largest site in the world in terms of number of visitors. In this respect, YouTube ranks after its parent company Google. On the other hand, it is also in the second place as a social media. Right after Facebook.

Income from YouTube, detailed rules to earn money from YouTube,

According to statistics, an average person over the age of 18 uses YouTube for more than 40 minutes a day. As a daily basis, that calculation stands at 2 billion i.e. 200 million hours around the world. This is an incredible number.

And that's why YouTube has become an amazing source of income. As it is the second most visited site in the world, you can easily run your promotion here. Every day millions of YouTubers around the world are uploading countless videos and earning millions of rupees.

Many have chosen YouTube as their main career. You can be like them if you want. But today's article is about how to be the answer. 

How to make money from YouTube?

To upload videos on YouTube and earn money through it, you first need to have your own YouTube channel. Since YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, a Google account is required for all YouTube functions. So first you need to log in to YouTube with your Google account. By doing this you can use YouTube in full form. However, if you sign in with a Google account, the channel is not created automatically. There are some more steps to follow for that.

Step 1: Log in with Google account

First go to Youtube.com to sign in with Google Account. Then click on 'SIGN IN' button.

After clicking on 'SIGN IN' you will see another screen like below. Sign in there with your email account and password.

Step 2: Open YouTube channel under business or brand name

After signing in Google account on YouTube, you can see your account profile picture where 'SIGN IN' is written. Click on it. After clicking you will see an image like below. Open a channel of your own by clicking on the 'Create A Channel' button marked in the image. You can give your Google account name as channel name if you want. Or you can give something different.

Since your main objective is to earn money from YouTube, you should open a brand channel. Because you can do many things by using YouTube Analysis service through brand channels which you cannot do with personal channels. YouTube originally created brand channels to streamline the monetization process. Go to your YouTube and click on your profile picture/icon again to open the brand channel. Then click on 'Settings'. There you will see a scene like the image below. Ways to earn money from YouTube

 You can open a brand channel by clicking on 'Create a new channel' or 'Add or manage your channel(s)' in the same place. If you enter your brand channel name there, your own brand channel will be created.

Step 3: Organize the channel

If you want to make the channel successful, you must organize and present the channel in an attractive way. It is most important to add some things initially. They are channel profile picture, banner and video watermark. Profile picture will carry the identity of your channel. Banners will be used like cover photos to promote your channel. On the other hand, video watermarks will be used to indicate your ownership of all videos in the channel. To add these things to the channel, go to studio.youtube.com. You will get all the ways to make your channel attractive by signing in with your YouTube account's Gmail.

Join the YouTube Partner Program

YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is the best way to earn money from YouTube. By joining the YouTube Partner Program you will officially become a 'Partner' of YouTube. Apart from this, there is no other way to earn money directly from YouTube authorities.

Step 1: Qualify for the YouTube Partner Program

In order to join the YouTube Partner Program you must have at least four qualifications.

  • Being an adult i.e. 18 years of age.
  • The channel must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.
  • Minimum 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months prior to application.
  • Must have an AdSense account .

Once you do, YouTube opens the door to earning revenue through Google ads. A few additional requirements apply before you become a partner:

1. Your videos must adhere to the site's advertising guidelines and have more than 4,000 watch hours within the last 12 months.

Note: Watch time here means that all the videos of your channel need to be watched for 4000 hours.

2. You must live in an area covered by Google's operations

3. You need to link a Google AdSense account.

Watch Time (Watch Time) is the calculation of how much time viewers have watched videos on your channel. That is, the video should not only have views, but it should be noted that more videos are watched by people for a longer time.

Step 2: Open Adsense account

Opening an AdSense account is the first step to earning from Google. Google pays billions of dollars a year to its partners. And the only way to earn this dollar is Adsense account. All the dollars you earn from YouTube to all other services of Google will be deposited in this AdSense account. You can withdraw that dollar if you deposit at least 100 dollars.

The primary site to open an AdSense account is:  Google AdSense . But since you want to earn from YouTube channel, you can open AdSense account directly from YouTube. In that case,   you have to sign in Gmail account by entering this link . Then whether you can open adsense account with your channel; You can understand it.

Eligibility to join the YouTube Partner Program has already been mentioned. If you don't meet all those conditions, the 'NOTIFY ME WHEN I'M ELIGIBLE' button will appear. After fulfilling the conditions, you will see a card (option) called 'Review Partner Program terms' at the same place. By clicking on the 'Start' button next to it, you will be shown all the rules of the YouTube Partner Program. Read all those policies well and agree to it. After consent, 'Done' will appear on the card. Then another card called 'Sign up for Google AdSense' will appear to open the AdSense account. Clicking on it will start the process of opening Google AdSense account.

Basically three things are required to open Google Adsense.

1) A Google Account

2) phone number and address; which is linked to your bank account.

3) Adding Adsense to the site

The first and third of the above three things will have already been done by you. Since you are opening adsense account with youtube channel. However, phone number, address and bank account information must be given accurately.

Step 3: Being reviewed

After opening an AdSense account and applying for monetization, you have to wait for some time. Reviews are usually completed within one month from the date of final application. However, if the number of applications is high or if there are any technical problems, it may take more time. You will only receive monetization if the YouTube review team deems everything about your channel to be correct according to their guidelines.

Step 4: Address confirmation

They will check the address you give to Google when you open an AdSense account. This process will start after being nominated for monetization. Once $10 is deposited into your account they will send a PIN to your address. Within 4 months you must confirm your address with PIN. Otherwise your adsense account will be invalid.


There is no need to open a new AdSense account for YouTube channel if you already have an AdSense account. You can earn from all sites and multiple YouTube channels with the help of an Adsense account. But if someone opens a new adsense account, his previous account or new account will become invalid. Because only one AdSense account can be active in the name of a person.

Earn money from YouTube

Nowadays many YouTubers earn good amount of money from home. If you want to earn money from YouTube, it is not enough to join the YouTube Partner Program. Rather understand how this partner program works. It needs to know about the source of money. Basically the entire process of partner program is an advertising based process. Every day millions of people and organizations are placing their ads on Google. YouTube shows those ads in your video. As a result, you will receive a larger share of the money that advertisers spend on advertising. Basically YouTube is now a huge advertising hub. And your monetized videos are advertising space. However, it is important to understand why YouTube will pay you as well as how much it will pay you. And that is why knowledge of CPM and RPM is essential.



CPM stands for Cost Per Mile. But it is best known as Cost per Thousand. Basically CPM is the amount of money that the advertiser will spend for every 1000 thousand ads. The term CPM is actually more associated with advertisers. Let's say a company wants to advertise on Google/YouTube. Those ads will be shown on your channel. CPM is the amount of dollars they pay YouTube every 1000 thousand times their ad is shown on your videos. That is, in terms of CPM, the transaction is between the advertiser and YouTube.

Variation of CPM

I have already explained what CPM is. But not all YouTubers have the same CPM. CPMs vary widely for a few reasons that are important to know.

Geographical Location:  The biggest difference in CPM is due to geographical location. Financial capabilities of people in different parts of the world are different. And that's why advertising costs are also different. Canada had the highest average CPM last year. The next countries are Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Compared to these countries, the CPM of Bangladesh or the countries of this region is very insignificant.

Timing:  CPM differences are easily seen at different times of the year. CPM depends on the advertiser. More advertisements are given before festivals like Eid, Puja, Christmas etc. As a result CPM naturally increases.

Type of Channel:  CPM depends a lot on the type of channel. Not all video types attract advertisers equally. The types of videos that advertisers prefer have higher CPMs. Usually videos like e-commerce, real estate, insurance, business, marketing, make up, fitness have higher CPM. While YouTuber has nothing to do with the above two things, the type of channel depends on the individual. You can create videos that have high CPM right from the start if necessary. But remember that CPM is not permanent and changes over time.


RPM stands for Revenue Per Mile. RPM is basically how many dollars you get for every 1000 ads shown on your video. CPM is basically how much dollars YouTube will take from advertisers. But YouTube keeps 45% of that money as its own share. This is called 'Revenue Share'. That is, you will get 55% of the dollar that the advertiser pays according to the CPM of your channel. This will be the amount of income from your YouTube monetization.

Difference between CPM and RPM 

Many times YouTubers face inconsistency between CPM and RPM. Because many people look at the CPM and make a simple calculation to get 55% of it. But actually the calculation is a bit more complicated. RPM basically determines how many dollars you get. It may be inconsistent with CPM for various reasons. Let's say the advertiser has to pay $10 for showing 1000 ads on your channel as per CPM. Accordingly, your RPM should be $5.5 per 1000 video views. But it can be more or less. Because  RPM is the amount of dollars you get for every 1000 ads shown on your video.  That is if you have 1000 video views but no ads are shown then RPM will be zero. Similarly if there are only 500 video views but two ads are shown in each video then the RPM will be 5.5 dollars. That means RPM is completely dependent on how many ads are shown on your channel. So more video views doesn't necessarily mean higher RPM.

The entire calculation above is based on how many dollars you will get from advertisement ie ad revenue. However, apart from ad revenue, it is possible to earn money through YouTube in other ways. Which is detailed in the next part of the article.

How to earn from YouTube Earn from YouTube

Vloggers earn up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month from this popular video platform. Many children have been freed from unemployment. You can also start if you want. You can earn lakhs of rupees per month from sitting at home. Then know some of the best ways to earn money from YouTube-

You have to face stiff competition to earn money from YouTube. First you need to build a steady audience on your video streaming platform. Only then can you reach the desired goal. There are a few things you need to take care of first. It is not the case that you just uploaded the video and earned it. That's why you need to understand various things and work. There are some rules and formalities to go through.

Selling your own products is a way to earn from YouTube

Selling their own products is the main source of income for many YouTubers. As mentioned earlier YouTube itself works as an advertising center. YouTube is advertising to others with your videos. You can advertise yourself in the same way. Many popular YouTubers around the world now follow this method. In this method you have to go through three steps.

Gain popularity:  The first condition to sell your products with the help of YouTube is to gain popularity. The more popular you are; The more your product will sell. Many YouTubers first gain popularity and then use it to sell products. Many work with this goal in mind from the start. Which approach you choose is up to you.

Product production:  If you want to sell something, you first want to produce it. In this case you can choose any product according to your channel. It can be t-shirt, bag, book, cap, shoes, makeup or anything. As an example, Ayman Sadiq and Antiq Mahmud are two popular YouTubers in Bangladesh. But they have secured most of their book sales with the help of YouTube.

Build a platform to sell products:  Many YouTubers only encourage people to buy their products in videos. Many also have direct sales arrangements. Foreign countries have a facility called 'YouTube Shelf'. By doing this, you can sell things directly from YouTube. But since Bangladesh does not have this facility, it has to be arranged for sale on a separate site. That's why you can give the link of your Facebook page or site in the description of the video where you ask to buy your product. The possibility of selling the product will increase a lot.

Income through sponsorship and affiliate marketing 

Sponsorship can be another great source of your income. Usually the most popular YouTubers get sponsored. But lately many smaller brands are also sponsoring lesser known YouTubers.

Sponsorship:  The main source of income with the help of sponsors is actually advertising. Having an organization sponsor you means you have to sing the praises of that organization or its products. But for this you need to be quite strategic. Because if you suddenly praise someone in the middle of the video, it looks spectacular. For this, you need to know the strategy of highlighting the sponsor or his product in a relevant way in the video.

Affiliate Marketing:  Affiliate marketing is the next form of sponsorship. This way you directly encourage your audience to buy a specific product. Usually YouTubers talk about the product in the video and give a link to buy it in the description. In this case, the advantage is that buyers get some discount if they buy the product from that specific link. Sometimes some coupon codes can also be used. In that way, some profit goes to the buyers. At the same time, when they buy something using your giveaway link or coupon code, you will also get some profit. This is basically how affiliate marketing works. It can be with any domestic or foreign organization.

You can be an affiliate marketer and earn money in detail

But one thing is important to remember. Before getting sponsored or affiliated with any organization, one should check their background. It should be clear how the service of the company is, what quality products they are selling to the customers. If you do not have a clear idea about all this, it is better not to proceed in this way. Because if the company's product is bad, as an advertiser, its responsibility will also fall on the YouTuber.

YouTube channel ideas come from YouTube

Popularity of your channel is the most important thing to earn from YouTube . And to be popular you have to choose a topic that people are interested in. Below are some popular YouTube channel ideas.

Technology:  Technology is currently the trending topic on YouTube. For the past two to three years, people look for reviews on YouTube before buying any electrical product. Currently, technology based channels are so popular on YouTube that a separate term called 'TechTubing' has been developed for it. If you have good knowledge about various electrical products like mobile, laptop, desktop various parts, camera etc. then you can open a technology based channel. But the obstacle to be faced in this case is money. Big channels are provided different units by the company for review. But if it is a new channel, first you have to buy things yourself and review them. Which is very costly. But if there is good communication then maybe you can review without buying. Another method in this case can be to make various informative videos without doing reviews. That is, various technological things can be explained with the help of videos. Or you can make a tutorial video for a specific job. However, this type of video will get fewer viewers than review videos.

Gaming:  As the days go by, e-sports and gaming are occupying more and more space in people's minds. Many channels based on computer games have been making regular videos for a long time. But recently mobile games have also gained great popularity. Games like free fire and pubg are being streamed by many and people are watching it a lot. Even the second position in the list of YouTube channels with the most subscribers is a gaming channel. The channel called PewDiePie has 109 million subscribers. It also occupied the first place for a long time. That is, you can understand how popular topic gaming is currently for YouTube channels. But if you want to make this kind of channel, you need extraordinary skills. Because millions of gamers upload their videos on YouTube. It is very difficult to make your place in their crowd.

Vlogging:  Another popular aspect of YouTube is vlogging. If you can present the entire thing beautifully in a video while doing any work, then it becomes a vlog. It can be done for any special work even during normal daily work. Many celebrities also get lakhs of views on YouTube with their daily work videos. But as a common man you should make a video of a special task. Such as travel vlogs. Nowadays people check out vlogs before going somewhere. If your videography, presentation and editing are good then you can easily become a popular vlogger.

Lifestyle, Cooking and Makeup:  Makeup is currently one of the top CPM video topics. Makeup videos are mainly watched by girls. And these types of videos tend to get more views. Also, videos can be made on various topics of daily life. The most popular among them are cooking videos . Almost all young people of this generation like to watch tutorial videos on YouTube before cooking. And since cooking is a must, the demand for these videos never ends. So this might be a good topic for a long time channel.

Fitness or Health:  Like cooking or makeup, people have become dependent on YouTube for exercise. Especially there are many people who want to do some exercise at home without going to the gym . Fitness is one of the most popular topics on YouTube due to the large number of such people. Especially in Bengali, this type of video is very less. So it can be quite a good topic in less competition. Although for this you need to have good health and know the various methods of exercise.

Education:  Educational YouTube channels are also quite popular these days. As the day goes by, studies are leaning towards online. Especially from the year 2020, due to the corona epidemic, teaching in the class is almost stopped. It goes without saying that the future of education will be largely online based. Using this opportunity, it is very easy to give a great shape to an educational channel.

Funny videos  are one of the most common topics on YouTube. There are already many such channels. Many people are following this path through various types of prank videos or roasting videos. Comparatively, the competition in this route is very high. However, till now it is popular with YouTubers as it does not require much capital to make this type of video. So many YouTubers choose this topic.

What can not be included in the video income from YouTube

YouTube has specific policies for what types of videos cannot be uploaded to YouTube. This is called the YouTube Community Guidelines. But if you want to earn money from YouTube then you have to follow some rules along with community guidelines. It is called AdSense Google Publisher Policy. Google and YouTube are very strict about this policy. Remember, your income will come primarily from advertising dollars. But if your video is not eligible to show ads then your monetization will be partially or completely stopped. Let's know how to avoid monetization stoppage

How to earn from YouTube channel, how to earn from YouTube?

How to earn money from YouTube, how much money can be earned per month from YouTube short?

10 ways to earn from YouTube, 15 ways to earn from YouTube

Earn from YouTube, detailed rules to earn from YouTube, 5 best ways to earn from YouTube

People also ask FAQ

My channel is not monetized. What is the reason for this?

Answer:  There can be many reasons why a channel may not be monetized. Channels will not be monetized unless they follow YouTube Community Standards and Google AdSense Policy.

Is there a way to know if my channel violates any Google policies?

Answer  : Yes. If your channel is rejected, the reason will be mentioned in the return email.

Once the monetization application is canceled, can it be applied again?

Answer  : Yes. But you have to wait 30 days for that.

Will the views automatically increase if the channel is monetized?

Answer  : No. Search has nothing to do with monetization. It is not YouTube's responsibility to increase channel views, it is entirely yours.

Can I lose monetization if Irregular?

Answer:  Of course. If you don't upload any video for 6 consecutive months, your monetization will be stopped.

I am not 18 years old. Can I turn on monetization?

Answer:  You can turn on a part of monetization. That is ad revenue. But in that case all details of a legal guardian must be submitted.

How much money can you earn from YouTube?

How much money can be  earned  from YouTube  in a month   ? It can never be said for sure   . How much money  you can earn depends on your channel's video type, video views, monetization method etc. Based on these factors it can be 10 thousand taka or 10 lakh taka.

What kind of site is YouTube?

YouTube  (English:  YouTube ) is a San Bruno, California-based global online video platform service  site  and social media, launched in February 2005. YouTube  is an important platform nowadays. In October 2006, Google purchased the site for $1.65 billion.

What is the first YouTube video?

"Me at the Zoo"  was the first video uploaded to YouTube, on April 23, 2005, the video shows YouTube co-founder Javed Karim, then 25 years old, standing in front of two elephants at the San Diego Zoo in California, noticing their long trunks. formula

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