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Get Paid for Your Opinion: Up to $100k a Month Make Money Online, 10 Legit Ways to Get Paid for Your Opinion: Up to $50k a Month Make Money Online


Get Paid for Your Opinion: Up to $100k a Month Make Money Online, 10 Legit Ways to Get Paid for Your Opinion: Up to $50k a Month Make Money Online

Get Paid for Your Opinion: Up to $100k a Month Make Money Online, 10 Legit Ways to Get Paid for Your Opinion: Up to $50k a Month Make Money Online

1. Take Online Surveys Make Money Online

The easiest and fastest way to get paid for your opinion is to sign up with various online survey companies.

These won’t make you rich, but are an easy way to make extra money. Plus, you can do them in your downtime like when you’re waiting in line or watching TV.

Here are some of Side Hustle Nation’s favorites:

2. Participate in Focus Groups and Paid Market Research Make Money Online

In-person and online focus groups and paid research studies pay significantly more than typical online surveys. The average compensation on these is $50-150 an hour!

Why would your opinion be worth so much? Well, many companies use customer interviews and focus groups to get early feedback on new products.

Paying a few participants like you to help get the product right is far less costly than launching the wrong product with the wrong messaging!

The downside is it can be difficult to get selected very often.

3. Product Testing Make Money Online

Another well-established “pay for opinions” company is Product Report Card. They offer paid surveys, product testing and review gigs, and online focus groups.

product report card paid research studies

The best-paying work is for in-home product tests and remote interviews and focus groups — often in the $75-$150/hour range.

4. Build a Website Make Money Online

One of the best ways to get paid for your opinion is to create a helpful website.

In fact, that’s what I do on this site! Every month I earn thousands of dollars sharing my opinion on the best side hustles of the year and other topics.

5. Start a Newsletter Make Money Online
An email newsletter is a low-cost side hustle to start. (Tools like Substack, SendFox, and Beehiiv make it easier than ever.)

One model to consider is a daily or weekly “curation” newsletter. How it works is you source the most interesting stories in your niche, and share those with your subscribers.

For bonus points, add your own insight and commentary to each headline.

As the subscriber base grows, most newsletters eventually monetize with ads or paid subscriptions.

One fun (and very opinionated) example is Codie Sanchez’ Contrarian Thinking. In it, she breaks down topics like entrepreneurship, buying businesses, and investing — all through a “contrarian” lens.

Do you have a favorite newsletter you subscribe to?

As with most businesses, there’s a lot to learn about creating and marketing your site, but it can be extremely lucrative.

For example:

Shelly Marmor earns $50k a month sharing Mexico travel tips!
Andrew Fiebert earns 6-figures a year sharing gift ideas

Product Report Card will also give you a $5 welcome bonus for completing a short survey after you join. There’s a $25 minimum to cash-out.

Here are some of the most reputable market research companies to sign up with.


6. Host a Podcast Make Money Online

Podcasting is another unique way to build an income stream around your opinions. It can take a while to build an audience, but it’s a business that can scale really well.

After all, it takes the same effort to produce an episode that 100 people listen to as it does to produce one that 100,000 people listen to.

Top podcasts earn up to $100,000 for a single episode — but even smaller shows can thrive with a niche topic. We’ve seen successful side hustle examples from a range of podcast niches, including:

  • Parenting
  • Dinosaurs (for real!)
  • App marketing
  • This could be a good fit if you love to talk!

7. Start a YouTube Channel Make Money Online

YouTube is an interesting platform because it’s designed for both education and entertainment. And the algorithm rewards creators with compelling, engaging content.

To get paid for your opinion on YouTube, you’ll need to start building out your channel. Use a tool like TubeBuddy to research various topics and their competitiveness.

After your channel reaches certain metrics, you’ll be able to monetize with Google’s built-in advertising system. Other video creators make money from:

  • fan donations
  • affiliate partnerships
  • brand sponsorships
  • merch
  • selling their own product or service

8. Write a Book Make Money Online

One of my favorite and most passive side hustles is self-publishing. Passive — after the whole book-writing part, that is :)

My books share my opinion on topics like:

  • how to work with virtual assistants
  • the most important items every website should have
  • how to start a side hustle
  • Over the last decade, my collection of titles have earned me over $80,000.

self-publishing lifetime royalties

I can’t call myself a full-time author, but it’s a fun way to get paid to put your ideas and opinions out into the world.

9. Go Mystery Shopping Make Money Online

As a mystery shopper, you get to try new things and make some extra money at the same time.

For example, you can get paid $3-10 or more to:

  • check product displays
  • verify inventory levels at stores
  • sample new products or restaurants and give your opinion
  • The free Field Agent app makes it super easy to find available tasks in your area.

field agent mystery shopping app

It’s hard to piece together a consistent income on Field Agent, but it is a fun way to make some money on the shopping trips you’re already making. Check out my full Field Agent app review for more.

10. Test Websites Make Money Online

Sites like UserTesting and Intellizoom pay you to give feedback on websites. It’s free to sign up and you’ll record your screen while you test features and functionality.

These typically pay $10 for every 20-minute test, but they fill up fast!

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