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How do I make money online in 23 easy ways (20money-online)?

How do I make money online in 23 easy ways (20money-online)?

How do I make money online in 23 easy ways (20money-online)?

There are 1000 ways to earn money online, it depends what kind of expertise you have and your interest. For example,

1.     You can review books on paid basis on your Amazon and Google play books, Open your account in all book platforms and charge money to put your review plus book cost, which you need to buy online.

2.     You can post comments or reviews on movies, properties, loans (stay away from financial investment), Crypto currencies

3.     You can make videos on International matters or post blogs on international matters like, IT, wars

4.     You can do same for Astrology, Mythology, Science, Interior design, Food, travel diaries, Jobs, Artificial Intelligence

5.     Just make blogs, posts or videos on any subject but it will take time to monetise

6.     If you are an astrologer, charge for kundli and other things

7.     Write books and write as much as you can and publish ebooks free of cost on Amazon, Notion Press, Kobo, Google play, Apple Books etc

8.     Do stock trading, daily basis or long term

9.     Get language translation work online

10.  Online tutions.

Overall there are 100s of option to earn money online, but only options will give you money instantly, rest most of the things takes time to mature.

So my advise is, get a job and start doing something side by side and continue for 4–5 years, may be in 5 years your efforts will make results and then you can leave your job.


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