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how to make money online in bangladesh, how to make money online from bangladesh

how to make money online in bangladesh, how to make money online from bangladesh

how to make money online in bangladesh, how to make money online from bangladesh

Currently, millions of people in Bangladesh are making their living through online income. Read this article to know the basics of online income.

the beginning

In today's age of technology, people depend on technology from the moment they wake up in the morning to the moment they go to sleep at night. This technology and online dependent mindset of people has opened many avenues of income on the internet.

Very easily people are earning a good amount of money online. Millions of people of the country are now dependent on this online income.

If you want, you can easily earn income through the internet in various ways. Do you want that? If your answer is yes then this article is for you.

In this article we will discuss about the introduction of online income and at the same time we will show you the best 10 ways of online income. If you are new to this sector, this article will help you a lot.

Introduction of Online Income

Earning money online is much easier than it was 10 years ago. Step by step towards Digital Bangladesh Due to various problems in our beloved Bangladesh, even 10 years ago no one could have thought of earning online.

But that dream is proving true today. Currently, people are not only earning online; Many families are able to afford this income alone.

In this modern world, most of the work is done online in almost all fields, starting from offices, courts, educational institutions. Previously, if you wanted to apply for admission to a university, you had to come and take the form from the university yourself.

But now you can fill the admission form online from any part of the country. This is now the case with job applications. Various online job opportunities have been created in these different places to perform different jobs online. You only need a digital device to do this.

Here it can not guarantee that you will be able to earn lakhs of rupees online in the beginning. But if you have patience, and if you can become good at a particular task, you can earn huge amount of money online every month.

How do you earn online? (How to Earn Online)

Although the topic of online income in Bangladesh is a new topic for our new society, it has started long ago all over the world. To be honest, this opportunity to build your own career independently at home is available in very few professions.

Moreover, you will not need anything special for online income. By using your talent, you can easily become proficient in any work and earn regular income from it.

Whether you are boy or girl, student, working person, you can earn from this sector. If you are a student and can pay for your education yourself, is it bad?

Every day spend a lot of time on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. If you want, it is possible to earn from here without wasting these times just chatting and newsfeed.

Besides, if you do these things while reading or writing, or in your free time, you will see that time is not wasted and also your mind is not going in any bad direction.

And when you raise your own expenses, you will find a different kind of satisfaction working within you; A different love is at work.

So of course you try to get into this job. You don't need anything to start online income.

Just a digital device, internet connection and willingness to work. The details of how to do this are discussed below.

Top 10 Ways to Earn Online

Who does not want to earn money online! Everyone wants to earn some money online. There are many online income sources. But there is good or bad in it.

In today's post we are going to know 10 ways of online income from which you can earn a lot of money safely, as well as comfortably.

Nowadays there are numerous means online from which you can earn. Among these, the best 10 ways are given below:

1. Earn by blogging

Blogging is an old but very effective method of online income. In this way it is possible to earn a good amount of money every month.

It is basically like a digital news paper. You will write about any topic you like. Whoever needs to know that matter will come and fall.

The article you are reading now is also a blog. So you understand the matter. If writing is your interest, then you can easily earn from here.

Blogging on a topic that you have the most interest, knowledge or experience in is most beneficial.

So you can work in the niche that you are good at. Niche basically refers to certain categories like sports, technology, law, cooking, biography, travel, etc. For example, in the case of travel, you can write a detailed blog about what you experienced while traveling somewhere.

Now the important thing is where you write the text. In this case, it is best if you can create a blog site yourself. Now it is very easy to create a blog site without any cost. But free sites are less trusted by people.

So our advice would be to spend some money firstBuild an attractive site by buying a domain and fixing hosting. Then start writing there. You will see good results.

Buy a .com domain with 1GB of hosting and a free theme. These three things are enough to start your blogging. In this case, you may spend as much as three thousand rupees.

If you spend blogging in this way, your branding will be better and the amount of income will be much higher than the fee site. And the price of your site will be high in the future. A good site in particular is worth several goals.

And in the case of free sites, Google will not give you the entire domain. You will get sub domain in that case. In this way, in opening a blog site, you can easily open a blog site in 10 minutes with BlogSpot.

And in this case you can work through both mobile and computer. So for those who are thinking of online income on mobile, this can be a best opportunity too.

But in addition to all this, if you have some understanding of digital marketing, then you can easily bring a lot of traffic or visitors to your blog. Through which you can multiply your income very easily.

2. Earn by Freelancing

Freelancing is the most popular way to earn money online. This sector is playing a big role in reducing unemployment in Bangladesh and at the same time many skilled people are representing our country by working in this sector.

Presenting Bangladesh to the world. In fact, people of many big countries of the world did not know that there is a country called Bangladesh on the world map. The freelancers of our country are introducing Bangladesh to those people.

At the same time, they are bringing millions of dollars of remittances to Bangladesh every month. So by joining this freelancing you can earn money as well as share in this glory.

Now let's see how to start this work. Freelancing is basically doing different types of work that you are good at for a fixed fee.

There is no specific place for your work and your employer. You can perform your work from home and your clients will be from different countries. Will continue to change over time.

However, first of all you need a certain subject expertise here. It may be Graphics Design, Photo Editing, Web Design, Website Making, Copywriting, Content Writing, Logo Design (Logo Design), etc.

You can do freelancing only if you can master any of these tasks. If you can do more than one job, your earning potential increases.

After learning the job, you need to open accounts with your information on various freelancing sites (like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiver, etc.). After that, you have to mention what you are good at on that site.

But you must remember one thing. Nowadays there are many online income sites. But there are not many good quality sites.

So before starting work on any website, you must check the site carefully. If everything looks good to you only then you start working on that site.

Then, if you have any previous work done to prove the work you can do, you should put it on the website in the form of a portfolio. This way your client will come and see your portfolio and hire you if they like it.

In this case, our advice will definitely be to create a good portfolio because in most cases those portfolios will help you get a job as a fresher.

At first you may have a difficulty in getting the job done. In that case, if anyone you know is a freelancer, you can take his reference.

When your first client gives you a good review after getting work through this reference, you'll see the work keep coming.

You can also participate in various contests by going first. You can also get clients from there. In our opinion, getting the first job in freelancing is a bit difficult.

3. Earn by YouTubeing

There are many big YouTubers in Bangladesh. Some of them have a monthly income of 40 to 50 lakhs. You can also start earning by making YouTube videos if you want.

This video will work even if you don't have a camera. First, many big YouTubers started their YouTube journey by making videos with mobile phones. Then after being successful now they use expensive expensive gadgets.

If your content is good, if you can make videos on relevant topics, you will get viewers very quickly.

But in this case, let me give you a small tip. If you really want to work professionally on YouTube, then the audio and video editing of the video must be done very well.

Then after minimum 1000 subscribers and minimum view time you can apply for monetization. After that activate monetization on each video and your income will start.

Also currently you can earn from various sources apart from YouTube authority through sponsorship. It was seen that a company has asked to advertise its product in your video for the marketing of a product. If you consent to this advertising, you will be served according to your needs


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