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Income from your own website, how you can earn online, 20 ways to earn money from your website


Income from your own website, how you can earn online, 20 ways to earn money from your website

We are very familiar with these two terms online and offline. But nowadays we are most familiar with the word online and refer to it in everyday conversation. Websites are the easiest and most reliable means of online presence. Only through the website we can know what is happening in any part of the world at home. A website consists of a number of web pages or pages that contain information. Before creating a website, you need to plan. But before that, you need to know what it takes to create a website and what are the requirements of the website? Why is it necessary? 

What is a website?

We all are more or less familiar with the term website. But at the beginning we need to know what is the website? In today's internet age, the only way to present any information is a website. This is what you can call your online property i.e. assets. 

Currently, various individuals, business organizations, educational institutions or various service companies submit their various information online through this website. So that a user can easily know about their various information.

Why is it necessary to create a website for your business?

To grow your business and present yourself online, you need to create a website. If your business doesn't have a website these days, many may question its legitimacy. If there is no such trend in Bangladesh, the demand for websites is increasing day by day because of the new generation and now everything is digital. Any website creates the first impression of your business in the mind of the customer which instills trust in people. At the same time, through your website, your services are beautifully presented to the customer.

Steps to create a website - How to create a website?

Before all this, you must first understand and plan why you have a website? What kind of design will it take, how will it look? You should have a clear idea of ​​where you want to display what on the website. Then you can create your own website. If you understand this well and can create your business plan step by step then the website will be beautiful as well as your audience will like it more. A beautiful and responsive first website will take your business to another level and at the same time your customers will also get fast service from you. Who does not want to get any product or service at hand in less time!


Rules for creating a website - What it takes to create a website

To create a website, you first need to buy a domain and hosting for your website or business. Complete plan of how you want to build the website. You need to have the desire to implement that plan and also need to spend a certain amount of money to get a beautiful website.


SEO should be done by introducing the website to the search engines. However, SEO is not included in the cost of creating a website. Because SEO is needed to get long term results after the website goes live. Below is a step by step guide on what it takes to create a website.

How to create a website

Domain selection

Next you need to select a name for your business. If your business has been offline for a long time but not online. In that case you can buy the domain in the name of your business. But check whether the domain is available online or not. Many people may be wondering what is the domain? Simply put, a domain is the name of something. Your business name is your domain name. A specific name that will easily identify your business. 


After fixing the domain you need to buy hosting. Hosting refers to a fixed amount of space where you put your website online. To put it simply, you have a memory card in your mobile. There you can put your favorite songs, videos, pictures, etc. and are saved there. Similarly, the place where the website is kept is called hosting. That is, the website is hosted from there. This is web hosting.

Your website has information hosting. According to the user's search query, Google search engine will bring relevant information to the user if it finds relevant information on your website. Basically this is how any user comes to the website and buys the service. This is why hosting is so important in creating a website. 

Website design layout plan

If you have decided or are thinking of buying domain hosting for your business, then you need to decide how you want the layout or design of your website. Which option will be available and which will not be available and how much easier it can be made for the user, what payment method do you want to keep etc. You have to plan carefully. Because there are different categories of businesses in the market, there are also different categories of websites. Those whose look or layout do not match with different categories.

Simply put, if you have a hotel restaurant business, then you don't have to make a website like a furniture or hardware store layout. By doing this, your target audience or customer will get bored and will not want to take the service. But if the layout of your website is similar to that of a restaurant website, then any customer will eagerly browse through the various pages of the website to know about your business. Web site design is important for this reason. In simple words, first the philanthropist, then the judge. 

UI/UX Design

UI stands for User Interface. That is, the part that your customers/users see (Visual Design). Through which customers/users are connected to something. In other words, in simple terms, designing the website for the users, what will be there and what will be the type of options etc. 

UX on the other hand is User Experience. Who are the target customers of your product, why will they buy your product and what is their experience with the product after buying the product - these are the issues that UX design works on.

Creating a beautiful and attractive UI/UX is a very challenging task, especially if it is easy for users to understand. In a survey, some users were asked, which one do you prefer between Xiaomi or Apple mobile, most of the opinion is that they prefer Xiaomi phone more. The main reason is that it is very user friendly.

Website development according to the design

Your website layout or design is complete. Now you have to develop or create website by coding or using different CMS platform. That is, the dream must be brought to reality. In this case you can do it yourself by coding or learning how to build a website using a CMS platform. But this method is quite time consuming.

A simpler method is to get a web development agency or digital marketing agency to build the website for you. These agencies create websites. They build your website with their own developers. You have to directly discuss with them in person how much it will cost to build the website with functions and features as per your requirement. For this you only need to contact them and fix the meeting.

SEO Plugin-  When you create a new website you must do some basic SEO of that website. Although SEO depends on many things. However, there are 2 plugins that are good for SEO in WordPress. For example: Rank Math and Yoast SEO. You can easily use both of these plugins.

Security Plugins –  Any website built with WordPress should be considered for all types of websites. Every website owner knows how hard it is to maintain a website and what happens if that website goes under someone else's control and deletes everything? 

For this reason, the security of websites made with WordPress should always be ensured. And if your website is an e-commerce website, then more importance should be given. Because it is not like all other websites. It contains various products, user information, payment details, etc. and if these go into the hands of a dishonest person, then the user and your organization will suffer a lot.

Ready-made websites or templates

You have to wait a few days to create the website like this. If the situation is such that you do not have time for any reason but you need your website, you can buy a ready-made website. For example, ready-made clothes or food are available in the market and can be bought immediately; Ready-made websites can also be purchased in the same way. Standard quality ready-made websites are custom built. Websites vary by category. Want to see a collection of ready-made websites of standard quality? Ready-made websites come with some free features. You can know more about the products by looking at them.


Website creation is complete

Website build completed and live. Congratulations Your business has an online presence or website. You can also search your website from your Android phone. But one question remains. Have you introduced your website to Google? If you are not introduced to Google, your website will not be accessible or viewable by others. Let's see how to introduce the website with Google!

Introducing the website to Google

If you are doing business offline then you have competitors or competitors in your business online too. If you search for anything I visit the 1st, 2nd and 3rd results. Now your website should also be brought to that position; So that anyone who searches for your service can find you. This is called online visibility. The higher the online visibility, the more visitors or traffic will enter the website and the chances of service sales are high. SEO is necessary to increase this online visibility. SEO plays a major role in ranking your website in Google. Worried about where to do SEO for your website?

1. Sitemap Submit – A sitemap is a map of a website. It tells the search engine what your website is about and what your website is about. Given in the video: Click to get the video.

For example - you have to go outside the country (America), now if you have a map of America in your hand, then you will easily understand how and from where to go to your destination. This is exactly how sitemaps and search engines are told where your website is. This is why it is so important to create a sitemap for every website. And so you must submit your website's sitemap.

2. Analytics Setup –  Google Analytics is a web analytics service that currently tracks website traffic and creates a profile. How the users of your website interact with your website, their age, gender, location, etc. can be known through Google Analytics. And so you must connect Google Analytics with your website so that you can take action according to the information of all the users who come to your website. Given in the video: Click to get the video.

3. Google My Business -  GOOGLE MY BUSINESS (GMB) Many of you may have heard its name. It is a service of Google which ensures online presence of your business or organization through Google. This helps your business/establishment to be easily found on Google search result pages and Google Maps. It allows you to manage your organization or business at no cost. On the other hand, Google My Business is a part of Local SEO. GOOGLE MY BUSINESS PAGE CREATE AND VERIFY YOUR BUSINESS INTRODUCING YOU TO GOOGLE AND HELPING YOU GET ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE OVER TIME. It will increase the awareness of your business and generate more sales. So Google My Business is one of the tools in business management. Through which you can manage your business at no cost. Given in the video: Click to get the video.

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What does it take to build a WordPress website?

Creating a website requires a few important things. How many of these do you get for free? How many more should you buy?

Everything you need to create a website:

1. domain name

The first thing needed to create a website is a domain name.

The domain name you create your website with will be found by any internet user if they type it into their browser and search for it.

For this reason, the domain name is also called the web address of the website.

You can buy domain name from any company as per your choice. But domain name is a single name. That means that once someone buys a domain name, no one can buy it again unless the domain expires.

Eg:  https://www.banglanewsexpress.com/

Our domain name is purchased for 1 year for 800 taka. No one else in the world can buy it. But after one year, if I don't register again by paying 800 rupees, then anyone can buy this domain name again.

So if you are thinking of creating a website then first you   need to find a good website name .

Since your website name is a brand of yours, the domain should be chosen very carefully. So first read this –  What is domain name and how to buy domain

2. Web hosting server

The second thing that is needed to create a website is a web hosting server.

Web hosting is a type of online space through which you can make your website live.

It is an essential component for the website.

It is not possible to create a website without hosting.

It works like an online memory.

However, the difference between memory and hosting is that no one can use your memory except you, but if you put a website on hosting, everyone in the world can use it. That is, the website can visit.

Hosting has to be purchased from different companies. And that too has to be paid year by year. To buy a good quality hosting you  need to spend around 2000-3000 rupees every year  .

Hosting is a must to build a website. No website can ever go live on the internet without hosting.

If you want to create a new website, try to get at least 1 GB or 2 GB hosting. Check out details about hosting – 

3. CMS

When you ask what it takes to create a website,  CMS comes up  . And the most popular CMS is  WordPress .

CMS is an   abbreviation of English word Content Management System namely CMS.

Creating a website requires a content management system through which the content on the website can be managed very easily.

Websites can be created without coding using this content management system. And the website can be designed in any way and new features can be added.

The most important advantage of using a CMS is that posting here is extremely easy. And published posts are available in list form and can be edited at any time.

The most  popular CMS in the world is WordPress.

What is WordPress, why to learn, how to learn in detail.

WordPress is the most popular content management system. It's an open-source software, so it's free to use.

Currently, 40% of the websites you see on the Internet are made with WordPress.

Creating a website requires a CMS, and you can choose WordPress as a CMS.

Although there are many more CMS like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Wix and etc.

However, WordPress CMS is easiest and recommended for beginners to use. Remember, creating a website requires a CMS.


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4. Proficiency in installing WordPress

Building a website with WordPress requires buying a domain and hosting and having the skills to install WordPress.

Actually installing WordPress is very easy. After purchasing hosting you will be provided with a C-Panel i.e. Control Panel.

From there you can install WordPress with just a few clicks.


But the problem arises when you purchase domain and hosting from different companies.

In that case you have to add the domain to your hosting cPanel first. And the nameservers have to be updated in the domain panel.

Then, WordPress needs to be installed. Therefore, purchasing domain-hosting from different hosting providers will require some advanced-level skills.

5. WordPress theme

I bought domain-hosting, and installed WordPress, so what else is needed to create a website?


Your website creation is not complete yet.

You can visit the website after installing WordPress. If you visit, you will see that your website design is not right.

Because, you have not installed any wordpress theme there.

You don't have to be a web designer to design a website properly. Just installing a WordPress theme will get your website designed.

A WordPress theme is basically a ready-made design of a website that is created by a developer.

Some themes are provided by developers for free. Again, you have to spend money to use some themes.

There are many types of free themes in WordPress. To install free themes you  need to go to Appearance option  from  WordPress Dashboard  and there   will be an option called Theme .

Select your preferred theme and install it from there. But the most popular free theme is Astra

6. WordPress plugin

WordPress plugins are very important for website development. Plugins are used to add various features to the website and manage the website beautifully.

For example, if you install a theme, your site will look like the theme. But, you will need a page builder plugin (Elementor) to arrange the text there as you like  .

If you want to SEO your site to appear in Google search results, then you need an  SEO plugin (Yoast SEO).

If you want to increase the performance of your site i.e. you want to make the site faster then you need  Cache plugging (Litespeed).

Moreover, many types of plugins are used to make the website more functional.

So once these things are confirmed, you can create the website yourself.

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What do you need if you want to earn from the website?

The website has a fairly good idea. Now the question is if I want to earn from the website what are the things required in the website.

The first thing you will need is that you must have a computer or a good quality smartphone. And must have internet connection. Because creating and managing a website is all done over the internet.

Good quality content

The next thing that is needed is to publish quality articles on your website. When you regularly publish good quality informative contacts and articles on your website, visitors from different places will come to your website to collect information.

Remember that the better articles your website has, the more visitors will come to your website. And the more visitors visit your website, the more your income will increase.

Never think of copying an article to another website to publish the article on the website. It will only harm you.

Good quality image

You must use images as needed throughout the article. By good quality images I mean the image must be unique and try to use images that have not been used anywhere before.

You can collect good quality images for free from various websites. Or you can create it with Photoshop or other image editor software.

To bring visitors to the web site

Visitors are the lifeblood of a website. If a website does not have this visitor, then it is the same as not having a website. So if you want, you can easily bring visitors to the website by adopting several means.

Some tips to earn money at home

Earn money online by creating website, 20 ways to earn from website

It takes some time to earn money from website, but when the money starts coming in online, you can earn millions from your website every month. Just need to work with a little patience. 

So without delay let's start the blog post –  ways to earn from website

Now we will know about 20 ways by which you can earn good money from website. Let's know about those methods from the beginning- 

#1 – Make money doing affiliate marketing on websites

Affiliate marketing  is the best way to earn money from any website. Many website owners earn millions of rupees per month from their website through affiliate marketing. 

You will find many affiliate programs related to the topic your website is on, which you can join and earn good money. 

To start affiliate marketing, you first need to join a company's affiliate program. Then he will get a link given to you. When your visitor clicks on that link and buys some product, you will also get some commission for that. 

Affiliate marketing is considered to be the best way to monetize websites. 

#2 – Monetize website with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most popular and easiest way to monetize a website. You need to display Google AdSense ads on your website   and if a visitor clicks on the ads, you will earn for  it .

If your website has good traffic, then you can earn millions from your website through Google Ads. Many websites earn a lot of revenue from their website through Google Ads. 

# 3 – Earn money by writing reviews on websites

You can earn money from your website   by writing paid reviews of products related to your website in that niche.

You can write product reviews on your website according to the interests of your visitors. You can contact various companies to write paid reviews. 

#4 – Monetize blog by accepting sponsored posts 

When a company asks you to sponsor their product and you tell about their product on your website, it is called a sponsored post. In return, the company pays you well. 

As your website becomes popular, you will get offers from many companies to write sponsored posts. You can also earn good money from the website by writing a sponsored post. 

#5 – Monetize website by placing ads on other ad networks

Apart from Google AdSense approve  , there are many ad networks that you can earn money by running ads on your website. 

There are many Ad Networks that you can easily get approval from. You can earn good money by showing their ads on your website. 

#6 – Earn money by selling e-books on the website

An eBook  is a digital book, which is read on a mobile or computer. 

You can create an e-book of your posts and then sell it. You can earn a lot of money from the website even by selling e-books. 

#7 – Earn money by selling online courses on websites

Whatever you are an expert in, you can create and sell an online course related to it. Can create and sell online courses like Blogging, SEO.

Many people prefer to learn things online, so you can earn good money from the website by selling online courses. 

#8 – Websites can earn by offering their own services 

You can earn money by offering your services to other people. You are a blogger, you can earn money by writing articles, website design, SEO or by getting other new bloggers AdSense approved.

#9 – Earn money from websites by working as a freelancer

If you are experienced in your niche, you can earn good income by working as a freelancer. You can work as a freelancer on skills related to your niche. And can earn good money. 

#10 – Earn money by accepting guest posts 

 Many bloggers pay to guest post on a website with high DA PA related to their niche  . Because guest posting will also bring traffic to their blog and increase their popularity.

If  your website has high domain authority  , you can also earn money from your website by accepting guest posts.

#11 – Earn money with backlinks from websites  

Also you   can earn money by backlinking other websites on your website. To sell backlinks, your website should be a high authority website, only then other website owners will contact you to get backlinks. 

#12 – Earn Millions From Website Selling Your Own Products

If you have your own products, you can sell your products through your website. Many companies create their own websites to sell their products. 

#13 –   Make money from website  by creating online store 

You can create your own online store in WordPress with Woo Commerce Plugin. To create an online store you need to have your own products. 

#14 – Creates WordPress plugins and themes 

If you are a developer, you can create and sell WordPress plugins and themes yourself. You can sell them on your own website or you can also sell them on websites like Mojo Marketplace

#  15 – You can earn by creating a private forum

You can create a private forum. You can take some money from the user to add to the private forum. Any user of the forum can get answers to every question from you. And can get advice and help from other people connected to the forum. 

To create a personal forum, you need to be an expert in your niche.

#16 – Earn money by selling websites 

If you know how to create a website, you can earn money from it too. Many people do not have enough time to build a website, so they buy a ready-made website. You can sell to such people by building a website. 

 You can use a website like Flippa to sell your website  .

#17 – Earn money by selling graphics

If you know graphic designing, you can design graphics like images, logos and sell them on your website. 

#18 – Earn by selling ad space on website

You can earn money by selling your ad space to a company without placing Google Adsense or any other ad network ad on your website  and you can set a price for each ad space. Like Header Ad – 100$ Per Month, Similarly you can sell Sidebar Ad and Footer Ad space. 

#19 – Accepting donations from visitors

You can have a develop or donate button on your website or like a PayPal Donate button . If the visitor likes your article a lot, then they will definitely give some help. 

You can use WpForms plugin to install donation button. 

#20 – Generates leads for other companies 

Lead generation is very important for companies. You can earn money by generating leads for a company on your website. You can attract users through your website content, so that they can register on your website. 

Then you can sell that lead to the company. The company will then convert that lead into a customer and pay you in return. 

Some tips to earn money at home

What does it take to make a website?

To create a website you will mainly need a domain, web hosting and WordPress. You can easily buy a domain and web hosting from GoDaddy or similar sites with minimal charges.

How to earn money by opening a website?

A quick and easy way to earn money by creating a website is to show " Google AdSense " ads on your website and earn by showing ads.

How much money does it take to open a website?

It will work only if you spend about 1000 rupees in the beginning to make a website. However, as the income increases, you will own some premium services which will cost 3 to 7 thousand per year. However, if you want, you can make a website by spending only 500-1000 rupees per month for web hosting.

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