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make money online AI Chatbot In Your WordPress Website? Surefire Way To make money online

make money online AI Chatbot In Your WordPress Website? Surefire Way To make money online

Being a business website owner and one that always requires servicing the customer, I always think about following the trend on the Internet and adapting it well. So that my users can enjoy my up-to-date services. Nowadays, the most hot topic is artificial intelligence and Chatbots. If you are keeping up with the trend, you may have wondered sometimes “How do I add AI chatbot to my WordPress Website?”. Well, We’ve got you covered.

These two terms, AI and chatbots, are a growing trend on the Internet and are spreading like wildfire. Especially after Open AI launched ChatGPT on November 30, 2022. According to Exploding Topics, ChatGPT became the second-fastest (after Threads by Facebook) website in the history of the Internet to be used by 1 Million users in just a meager 5 days. Chatbots, on the other hand, are another thing every business is finding ways to integrate into their websites. With more than 80% of both service seekers and providers enjoying chatbot facilities, it’s no wonder everybody wants them.

AI Chatbot Plugins for WordPress websites

Ideally, in the WordPress world, you won’t have to look for two different tools for AI and Chatbots. Both are integrated into Plugins. Once, you install plugins on your WordPress website, all that is left is to enjoy their features.

There are many WordPress Plugins for adding chatbots, but If you want to know more about WordPress Chatbot plugins, then you can visit this link:

How to Install WordPress AI Chatbot Plugins in your website?

Well, no matter the type, the installation process of a plugin is similar. There are three different processes you can follow to install a AI Chatbot plugin.

  1. Installation from Your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Downloading from WordPress Directory.
  3. Installation of Plugin from FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Client

Installation of AI Chatbot Plugins from WordPress Dashboard

WordPress has well-over 60,000 Plugins you can choose from. Surprisingly, there are also vast options that you can choose you plugins from. To install Chatbot Plugins from your websites dashboard,

  • First login to your WordPress website and navigate to Plugins
install-wordpress-plugins -1
  • Click on Plugins -> Add New.
  • Search your preferred AI Chatbot Plugins, in the search box.
  • Install it by clicking on the Install Now button.
AI Chatbot Installation Guide: AI Engine

Usage of AI Engine is by all means for informational and educational purpose

  • Once you’ve Installed it, Click on Activate_Button button.

This will install your WordPress AI Chatbot Plugin in your website.

Manual Installation of you AI Chatbot Plugin

If you want to download your plugin via WordPress’s directory, official website of the plugin or any other third-party websites.

  • Visit the website of any plugins you want to install or you can visit WordPress.org where you can search for your theme and download the ZIP file it in your hard-drive.

After you’ve downloaded you AI Chatbot plugin’s ZIP file, you can install them by following process

  • Visit the your WordPress’s website dashboard, again go to the Plugins section>> Add new
  • Click on the Upload Plugin in the top-left side of your screen then click on choose file button button.
  • Navigate yourself to the Plugin’s ZIP file that you’ve downloaded in your hard-drive and select it.
  • Click on Install Now button after you’ve selected your file.

Again, after you’re Plugin is installed, click on Activate_Button button to activate your AI Chatbot Plugins.

Installation of plugins from FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Client

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a type of network protocol that is used for transferring files over the Internet. FTP can be little bit intimidating for beginners or less tech savvy individual. Following these given steps should guarantee your AI Chatbot Plugin’s Installation in your website. But we recommend using above two steps for easy installation.

To add Chatbot Plugins in your WordPress website via FTP:

  • As similar as above, first download your .zip file of your preferred plugin from WordPress directory, official website of plugins or any other third party sources ensuring its legitimacy.
  • Extract your .zip file. Unzipped Plugin File will appear in the similar name as .zip file.
  • Now, connect your website server to the FTP using its details. You can use FTP Clients like FileZilla, WinSCP for aiding you in this process. This process will require your FTP login credentials i.e., your username and password.
  • Copy the extracted .zip file & paste it inside Plugin folder. Generally the path should be your-site-name/wp-content/plugins.
  • Now, Go to your WordPress Dashboard to check whether the AI Chatbot Plugin is installed or not.

If there is still issues while installing, please contact your respective authorities for support.


To sum up, using AI chatbot plugins on your website is a smart idea. They’re like helpful assistants that can make your site better. Our instructions will benefits and help you in adding AI Chatbot plugin in your WordPress website. These chatbots can talk to visitors all the time and learn from them. This makes people happy and can bring you more business. As tech gets better, having AI chatbots isn’t just good- it helps your site stay modern and useful. So, make your website cooler and more useful by adding AI chatbot plugins today

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