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Money Management,Earning Hacks,Learn how to earn,How To Earn


Money Management,Earning Hacks,Learn how to earn,How To Earn

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The ways to earn from home are discussed so that we can easily earn Blogging BD here these topics are discussed.

The way to earn from online is quite an old but very effective method. If you are interested in writing, then you can easily learn how to earn money online. How to earn money online How to earn money from home

 Online income by freelancing

Today, freelancing is one of the most popular ways to earn online. It is a free profession where you can earn online by doing various types of jobs through internet. Ways to earn at home

If you want to earn online by freelancing, open an account on different freelancing platforms like: Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc., organize your portfolio and apply for jobs according to your skills and experience. Then the buyer will evaluate his needs and your skills and assign you the job.

There is no fixed limit on how much money can be earned from freelancing. Some earn 300 dollars a month from here and some earn 3000 dollars a month from here.

Currently popular freelancing online jobs are:

Freelancing work How hard is it? Possible time required to learn entry level Required Skills
Digital Marketing moderate 1-2 years Marketing Strategy, Social Media Paid Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing
Content writing moderate 0-1 year Word, Sentence and Language Skills, Bengali and English Language Vocabulary, Spelling and Grammar Skills, Microsoft Word Skills, Writing Skills
Copy writing moderate 6 months – 18 months Critical and Creative Thinking, Research, Writing Skills, Bengali and English Vocabulary, Spelling and Grammar Skills
Graphic designing moderate 6 months – 1 year Proficiency in Adobe Creative Software, Basic HTML, Computerized Sketching, Color Theory, Font Selection, Typography, Creativity
Video editing pretty hard 6 months – 1 year Knowledge of using video editing software, digital technology skills, knowledge of 3D composition and special effects, creativity
User Interface (UI) Designing  pretty hard 1-2 years Knowledge of using Figma and Sketch and other UI designing software, web designing and graphic designing skills, creating wireframes, typography, color theory, prototyping
Web development pretty hard 6 months – 1 year TML/CSS Skills, JavaScript Skills, Testing & Debugging Skills, Back-end Basics, SEO Skills, Responsive Design Skills, Usage of GitHub
Data entry simple 3-6 months Typing skills, basic software knowledge, ability to operate office equipment, basic research and data collection skills

Earn money online by content writing and blogging

If you are good at writing, writing on online platforms can be a way for you to make an online income. If you want to earn by writing a blog, you can buy domain hosting and create a blog site. Again, blogs can be written for free on WordPress and Tumblr platforms.

There is a huge demand for content and blog writers on various freelancing platforms including Upwork, Fiver. Having English writing skills will make it much easier for you to get work on these freelancing platforms. Content writers earn from $5 to $100 per 1000 words depending on the quality of work.

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You can also earn money online by writing on various online news portals.

Ways to earn from home by YouTube

To earn online income from YouTube, your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers. Although you won't get any money per subscriber. However, the more subscribers there are, the higher the earning potential. You can earn by collaborating with a brand if you want. Ways to earn at home

To start earning with 1000 subscribers, you will need 4000 hours of views in the last 12 months. The more views you get, the higher your earning potential will be. However, if someone clicks on the link shown above your video and sees the full ad, only then will you earn from YouTube.

From YouTube Studio, you can go to the Monitization section and select to show ads on the channel.  Here you can see the monthly earnings on the dashboard. YouTube can be an ideal online income stream for you if you can create good quality content regularly.

Ways to earn online through paid surveys

There are many types of paid surveys, by which you can earn online income. Basically, a survey is done to know what is the feedback of people about their product from a company, what should be included in the new product.   

All you need is your mobile or computer for this task. But you need a paid IP, can't work for long with free VPN. 

Some popular online survey websites:

Websites to earn few bucks by doing online survey:

  • Viewpoint Panel
  • Opinion Now
  • ySense
  • neobux
  • Toluna
  • Swagbucks
  • Onepoll
  • Your Surveys
  • I-say
  • PrizeRebel

Make money online by creating website

Nowadays, people need websites for various purposes. So if you can build a website then this could be an online income for you. You can earn online by creating websites for others as a freelancer, or you can sell them by creating websites yourself. In that case, if your site has good traffic, then the price of the website will also be higher.

You can also earn money online by using Google Ads on the website. Creating a simple website doesn't require much. Website creation is possible only with domain and hosting. For this first you need to buy a hosting and register a domain and then create a website.

Ways to earn from Google Adsense at home

If you want to earn money online from a website or YouTube, the first thing that comes to mind is Google Adsense.

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If you have a website or YouTube channel, AdSense ads will be displayed by Google in various places on that YouTube channel or blog. If your site visitors click on that ad, you can earn a portion of the ad revenue.

How much income per click from Google Adsense is also not certain. However, the price per click varies from $0.01 to $100 per click depending on the country.  It depends on your content quality, content type and country wise.

Online income by affiliate marketing

Another popular means of online income by creating a website is affiliate marketing. Ways to earn at home

With affiliate marketing, you basically promote various products on your website as a third-party and try to sell them. When selling a company's product, the company usually    pays a commission of 2% to 70% on the sale of the product.

If you have a good quality website and it gets good visitors, then you can earn online by selling any affiliate link you want.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is a very popular online earning method in Bangladesh. These affiliate websites try to sell Amazon's various products by highlighting their advantages. If the product is sold, then the commission!

Regardless of your platform type, it is possible to earn online through affiliate marketing. It is possible to earn referral or affiliate income through websites, YouTube channels, Facebook profiles, and even Instagram.

Earn online as a website and app tester

A website and app tester works as a third party to see how a website or app is working, whether visitors are getting the right service. And many people earn online by testing this website and app.

While visiting many websites it takes time to load or the app crashes. These events occur frequently, due to which testers are in high demand. As a website or app tester, your job is to ensure that both are accessible to users. In most cases  these online jobs can earn 10-20 dollars per hour. 

Places where you can work as a website and app tester:

Few websites to earn money as website and app tester:

  • UserTesting
  • Enroll
  • Perfection
  • User Interviews
  • PingPong
  • TryMyUI
  • Userlytics
  • UberTesters

Earn online by selling photos and footage

If you want to sell any of your photos online, there are various image sharing or stock image sites for that. On these sites you can upload your photos for sale. But the pictures should be of good quality, high resolution.

If you want to work on these websites, first you have to open an account on the website and upload your photos. Then your profile will be approved on that website after verifying your photo quality, resolution etc.

After profile approval you can upload your photos there. But authorities will first verify each picture you upload, only then the pictures will be uploaded and everyone can see your picture.

Websites to earn few bucks through photos:

  • Shutterstock
  • Fotolia
  • GettyImages
  • iStock
  • Dreamstime

There are many big companies that need different images for different reasons. Then they buy pictures from these marketplaces and use them in their work. 

Usually these websites  pay photographers 30-70% commission per sale.

Online income with kindle ebooks

If you have the desire or experience to write, you can publish your writing to millions of people with the help of Amazon Kindle.

With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you can easily write and publish any book digitally. Essentially a book can be ready for sale to a large number of people online within 24 to 48 hours through Amazon's global network and Amazon's e-commerce.

You can self-publish multiple categories of books with Amazon KDP. And you decide the price of the book yourself. Money from book sales will go into your PayPal or bank account. 

Earn money online as a voice over artist

If you can speak fluently, you can earn money online by working as a voice over artist in various places. 

There are opportunities to earn online by working as a voice artist in audiobooks, video content, animation, advertisements, product videos, audio guides etc. In local marketplace you can get 30-60 rupees per minute  And  if you work on Fiver, the money can go from 5 to 50 dollars. 

As a voice over artist, apart from beautiful tone and clear pronunciation, you need a good quality microphone for recording. Then edit the recording with the mobile phone and send it to the buyer. 

Online income by buying and selling domain names

A popular way to earn money online is  domain flipping . That is, buying a domain name and selling it at a higher price.

First you need to research the domain name well. Know which type of domain name is in high demand and price. Next you need to purchase a domain name. Some very interesting and meaningful domain names should be purchased. But it is more profitable to buy expired domain names.

You can sell the domain name quickly if you want, or keep it for a long time. 

Marketplace for buying and selling domains:

  • GoDaddy
  • Freemarket
  • Namecheap auction
  • Sedo
  • Flippa

Earn as an online tutor 

If you are good at something, you can teach it online. Online tutors are in high demand now and through this you can teach students of all ages. Various websites have online tutoring opportunities, where you can teach at your convenience. If you want, you can start a course yourself.

Online income by data entry 

Data entry is adding or updating data through a computer with the help of some software. Those who have fast typing skills can earn money online by doing this type of work.

There are many such freelancing sites on the internet (Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru) where you can find data entry jobs. However, the earnings in these jobs are generally lower than other jobs.

Ways to earn online  as a virtual assistant 

Organizations hire virtual assistants based on various skills. This includes tasks such as phone calls, e-mail communication, internal research, data entry, editing, writing, blogs, graphics, tech support, social media management.

24/7 Virtual Assistant, Assistant Match, Freelancer.com, People Per Hour, Upwork earning websites like virtual assistants are available to earn online.

Also you can earn money online very easily by selling secondhand books in various groups, translating, writing practicals.

Things to keep in mind before making money online

Before starting work, it is necessary to know well about the websites or with whom you will work. Because, there are many websites that promise good wages against various types of work but end up cheating. There are many people who are sitting to deceive you.

So if you want to work on a new money making website, it is important to know about it in detail. Where you want to work, you have to see if it is active and reliable. 

How to withdraw money by earning online:

Note that PayPal is the payment method on most foreign survey sites. But PayPal does not support from Bangladesh However, with the launch of PayPal's Zoom service, you can easily withdraw money from your PayPal account.

You can directly use our local bank account, Payoneer account and wire transfer if you prefer. If you want to withdraw money from the marketplace through these methods, you have to fix it in the marketplace. However, if your withdrawal amount is more than 2 thousand dollars, then wire transfer will be the best option.

If you are dealing directly with a client outside of the marketplace, you can withdraw money directly from the client through your Payoneer account or local banks. 

Now customers can easily register a new Peoneer account from the remittance icon in the Bkash app. Those who already have a Peony account can also link it with their Bkash account. Once the account is linked, freelancers can instantly get their payments into the development account.

Ways to earn money with mobile, strategies to earn money with mobile! Details: Link

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