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Easy ways to earn lots of money from WhatsApp, ways to earn from WhatsApp


How to make money from whatsapp 2024

If seen Whatsapp is a simple messaging app that we use to talk to our friends and relatives, it is a very simple app that anyone can use.

In addition to text messages, you can send videos, images, and audio for free. Which means that you don't have to pay anyone for this, you just need to have internet connection on your mobile.

Now the question arises that  how to earn money using WhatsApp . Yes, it's true that we can't earn money directly from it, but  we can definitely earn good money by using it properly . So in this context, today I will give you information about some methods by which you can earn good money. This is a must read,  how to earn money online from home .

Earn money from whatsapp, how to earn money from whatsapp

There are many ways to earn money from Whatsapp. The most common way is to use it as a marketing tool for your business. You can sell text messages, images and video clips to other users on the app.

What is needed to earn money from WhatsApp 2024

If you really want to earn money from Whatsapp then you need these things very much.

  • Smartphone
  • Good internet connection
  • Whatsapp groups / groups where there are many members

12 ways to earn money from WhatsApp 2024

To earn money from WhatsApp, you need numbers of many people who use WhatsApp. You   can get this type of number from different WhatsApp Groups . All you need to do is to add yourself to various such WhatsApp groups and get their number from there. And first I will tell you how you can make money from them.

  1. WhatsApp Group
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Refer and Earn
  4. Earn from surveys
  5. YouTube Channel and Website Promotion
  6. Paid Promotion
  7. Through App Links and Promo Codes
  8. By online teaching
  9. Link Shortening Services
  10. Refer from Recharge Apps
  11. Sell ​​your product on WhatsApp
  12. More other ways

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1. How to Earn Money from WhatsApp Groups

Earning money on WhatsApp means earning money from WhatsApp groups only. Because this is the only place in WhatsApp where you will get maximum number of members in one place. We know that a WhatsApp group can have 256 members.

If you open Whatsapp Business Group then you can add 1000 members to your group. For this you need to download Whatsapp Business App.

You can add these members to your  Whatsapp group  . But now the question arises from where so many members will be collected. So I am going to tell you some tips so that you can bring more members to your group.

  • First tell your friends and relatives that you are going to form a good group that will benefit everyone. Also ask them to share your group information with their other friends. You can get other Whatsapp members number from these people.
  • You can also use Facebook.  Here you can find  many other  Whatsapp groups from where you  can fetch many numbers .
  • With this you can also use other social networking sites for numbers.
  • You can also use some paid apps on Google Play Store which can provide you category wise membership.
  • Here you need a little patience because many members will not join your group overnight, but if you keep posting good content regularly, surely you will reach your destination soon.

2. Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing  is a very good way to earn money from WhatsApp. Now for those who  don't know about affiliate marketing  , let me tell you that it is also a way to sell other people's products. It is commission based, which means if you sell products of a branded company, that company pays you some commission for this sale.

There are many companies that encourage people to sell their products and in return they also give good commissions. Similarly, you   can publish the links of all these affiliate products in different WhatsApp groups and you will get your commission according to their sales.

It is a very common thing that the more sales, the higher the commission. I have mentioned below the names of some websites that   support affiliate marketing .

How to earn money from whatsapp, how to earn lots of money easily from whatsapp, ways to earn from whatsapp

3.   Earn money by Refer and Earn

Currently,   you can easily generate good income by referring  through  WhatsApp Group . Different people have different needs if you can meet those needs in present time  by reaching each person through WhatsApp group  , then surely you will make a good income for yourself. How to   earn through Refer and Earn you will understand here in detail.

  • First you  have to choose some App from where you can easily refer the links  of those applications  and earn from there .
  • Then  through WhatsApp Group you have to refer the link  of your application to the members  and ask  them  to sign up and keep posting some related posts all the time and  keep the members of  your  WhatsApp group engaged.
  • As a result, they will click on your link and sign up, then your earning will start.
  • In this way you can refer and earn, for this I will suggest you some applications, you  can refer and earn  income.

4. Earn money by doing online survey

The process of earning money by doing online survey  is a very new method here you can earn daily income by doing survey yourself,  if you  want to  earn 10 dollars daily by doing survey then click here .

Moreover, when you refer someone to your  link  , if someone  clicks on that link and completes the survey  , then you will get a separate commission from there,  which will increase forever . This is a very famous way   to earn by doing online survey .

Here below  I will suggest you a website or application  from where you can earn good income by doing survey,  you can also earn from it by sharing your link in WhatsApp group  .

5. Promotion of YouTube channel and website

You can also earn money on WhatsApp by promoting other YouTube channels and websites. All you have to do is increase your reach. If you have many WhatsApp groups and contacts within your reach, you need to contact other bloggers and vloggers about this and tell them that you can bring them a decent amount of traffic but in return they will be paid.

And in such situations, bloggers and vloggers who are new and don't get much traffic, keep looking for people like you. If they get good traffic for some money, they will never reject your offer.

6. Earn money by Paid Promotion

If you have a good enough group with members, you can promote others as well. And you can also charge money from them for such promotion. Depending on the niche or category of your group, people will request you to promote.

Playstore has many new apps that want to promote themselves for members so that they can reach their apps to as many people as possible. With this, you can earn good money by sharing any app or website promo code in your group.

8.   Earn money by teaching online

If you have good knowledge in a particular field, you can share that knowledge with others and teach them, for which you can also charge them. For this, you need to share about yourself and what you can teach in different WhatsApp groups, so that people know about you and those who are interested will definitely contact you.

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This is a very commonly used method and it is very simple. In this, you need to shorten the links of big and popular websites, for which you can use existing link shortening services like shorte.st.

Once you shorten the link, then you have to share that link and get paid for clicking on that link. This is a simple funda, more clicks, more money.

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To implement this, you need to do a little research on the website that there are websites which are such authentic, viral and popular and which people like. You need to search for such good articles and with that you can make good use of links like viral videos, cool photos, interesting facts.

Once you find websites with good content, then you can shorten such links and publish them in different WhatsApp groups. And it is a common thing that people always look for such content and it will increase your clicks and your earnings as well.

But here is one thing to know that pay per click country wise. Like you can earn more money if you get clicks from countries like Germany, America, UK, Australia, Canada. But in India you will get less money than them.

10. Refer from recharge apps

Also you can earn good money by referring recharge apps. But here you can get free recharge,  PaytmCash  and many more even if you don't get direct money.

To implement this how to earn money from mobile with money earning apps
, you need to share the referral links of such apps in different WhatsApp groups. And as other people join your referral links you will get credit for it and you can use it for recharge or shopping.

Yes I can say that this is not a good solution for long term but if you need cash in emergency then you can use it. Although there are many such apps, among them I like Taskbox, Earn Talktime, Ladu, etc.

11.  Sell Your Product on WhatsApp

If you have your own business, you can make it bigger by using Whatsapp. For this, WhatsApp has launched its own new service called WhatsApp Business App.

It allows you to add many people to the group. Where earlier you could only add 256 members, now with this app that number can be multiplied. You just need to add the right people to your group. And the rest of the work will start happening automatically.

12. More other ways

Apart from the methods mentioned above, there are many other methods that you can use to grow your business. Using WhatsApp, you can promote and provide services to your users. Through this you can increase your income. You can offer your services directly to users by using the app's file sharing feature so that you can send promotional graphics, videos and various other media to them.

If you want, you can link your website and create a custom signature for your messages, which will include a link to your website or social media profiles.

If you want, you can host an e-conference or a seminar where you can express your ideas on a larger scale, for this you can use the group video call feature of WhatsApp. With this, you can provide live customer support on WhatsApp.

Apart from that, you can also share your content if you want, but remember that your followers don't think that you are just sharing spammy links and forcing them to buy stuff. Because of this, they won't click on the links you send and your hard work will go to waste.

Some tips to earn money at home

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