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How to earn money from Google admob, how to earn money with Google Admob ads, know how to earn money from Google Admob and all the rules


Google AdMob is a mobile advertisement platform of Google, through which money can be earned by showing ads on iOS and Android apps. Google's Admob provides an opportunity to earn by showing various banner ads and video ads on a mobile app.

What is Google Admob?
Gogole admob is a subsidiary of Google. It was founded on April 10, 2006 by a person named Omar Hamoui. It is basically an advertising company of Google, which provides advertisements for various mobile apps. We all know Google Adsense Google Adsense provides ads only for YouTube videos and websites.

And Gogole Admob provides ads for mobile applications. Gogole Admob can earn money only those who have their own application and which is uploaded on Google Playstore. If the owner of the application connects Gogole Admob with the application , then various types of banners and video ads will be shown in the app.

How to earn money from Google admob, How to earn money with Google Admob ads 2024

What are the prerequisites of Google AdMob?
Developers must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the AdMob program. If you are not yet 18, your parent or guardian can submit the application using their own Google Account.

How long does it take to get Google AdMob account approved?
When you first sign up for AdMob, your account is reviewed before being approved. This usually takes up to 24 hours, but in rare cases can take up to 2 weeks. You will be notified by email if your account is not approved by AdMob.

Steps to receive payment:
Your address needs to be verified when $10 is added to your account. If $10, a pin number will be sent to your mail or your address, that pin number has to be verified by video.
Can I have two AdMob accounts?
Each user can have only one AdMob account at a time. Duplicate accounts are not allowed. If you have multiple AdMob accounts, you will need to determine which account to keep and then cancel the additional account(s).

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How do I transfer money from AdMob to my bank account?
Enter your bank account information:
1. Login to your AdSense account.
2. Go to the left side navigation panel and click Payments.
3. Click Add Payment Method.
4. Click the radio button for “Wire Transfer to Bank Account” and click Continue.
5. Enter your bank account information and click Confirm and click Continue.

How do I start earning from AdMob?  Go to
https://apps.admob.com .
1. Select the Google account with which you want to open Admob account.
2. Click on Get Started or Sign Up.
3. Enter the required information. Then your Admob account will go to review.
Why can't I use Admob now?
You are currently applying for a new AdMob account if you receive a warning that you cannot use your AdMob account.
How much does banner advertising pay?
If you get dollars per click, you can get anywhere from 3 cents to 20 cents per click. 5 cents might be a typical average. If you get a 1% click rate and you have 100,000 impressions per month, that means you can expect to receive $50 per month.
Can I create a new Admob account after my Admob account is disabled?
Yes, you can create a new admob account, but please make sure to resolve the policy violation otherwise the new account may also be disabled.
What is the difference between AdSense and AdMob?
Google says: “AdMob is for mobile app developers. Adsense Mobile is for web publishers. ” It makes sense that AdMob is now the primary, niche solution for app developers. On the other hand, Google is now offering AdSense as a special service to mobile web publishers.
Can I use someone else's bank account for AdMob?
Yes, you can. Please make sure that the information provided in your payee profile in your Admob account matches the bank information, otherwise your payment will fail.

What to do if AdMob account is disabled?

1. Review the top reasons for account closure. Consider whether any of these factors apply to you and your content.
2. Review ad implementation in your mobile app.
3. In the appeal form, provide the e-mail address associated with your disabled Admob account.
4. Tell Google what you would change for the future.

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Let's find out why Admob Account can be disabled?

1. Invalid Click:  Generally, Invalid Click means: Create an app by yourself and click on that app by placing an ad. The main reason for Admob Account Disable is Invalid Click. Google does not support invalid clicks at all. Because Google wants companies to increase their income through this ad, and companies pay Google for their profits. So Google does not support Invalid Click.

2. Visiting an account with different devices:  When your Admob Account is logged in repeatedly from different IPs or different devices, Google will not look at this thing well, and may close your Admob Account for this. So refrain from doing such things.

3. Using more and more ads:  Many times it is seen that many people create different apps and those apps use a lot of banner ads, interstitial ads. As many ads are used in Earning Apps, this thing is not supported by Google, so your account may be suspended, so be sure to keep an eye on these things.

4. Using multiple accounts on the same device:  Many are seen using multiple IDs with one phone. Google may disable your ID if they catch it, so avoid doing this.

5. CTR :  It is better to keep the CTR less than 10% in this case the account will save a lot, if it is more than 10 the account will be a little ricks so try to keep it less than 10.

6. Encourage Clicks:  Many people tell the user to click on the ad due to which the account may be closed. No one can be asked to intentionally click on an ad.

7. Placement of ads in wrong places:  Many people place ads in such places where the user accidentally clicks on the ad. Ads cannot be placed in such a place that the user can not accidentally click on the ad.

8. If the user clicks the advertisement repeatedly:  If the user clicks the advertisement repeatedly, the Admob Account may be closed.

9. Using VPN:  Using VPN leads to many ad clicks, which is more common in earning apps. Ad clicks are considered invalid clicks due to using VPN.

10. Using copy right content:  I use various icons, images, audio etc. from Google. In that case, copyright is added to our app. And adding Admob Ad to the copyrighted app disables the Admob account. So adding Admob Ads to your copyrighted app may disable your Admob account.

Common mistakes we make

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Don't make these mistakes while placing Banner Ad:

1. Banner ads may not be presented within an app in any way directly connected to the content of the app. If ads are presented in this way, there may be account issues.
2. Banner ads cannot be used within app content i.e. within app components.
3. No banner ads can be shown on the app content. That is, banner ad cannot be shown while floating on the content of the app.
4. Banner ads cannot be shown in the middle of any Scroll View or anywhere.
5. No banner ads can be shown on the same page when a YouTube video is playing.
Do not make these mistakes while placing Interstitial Ad:
6. Full screen ad cannot be presented (show) immediately after entering the app. Similarly full screen ads cannot be shown when exiting the app.
7. A full screen ad cannot be shown immediately after another ad is shown. That is, repetitions cannot be presented one after the other.
8. Clicking on any function or any button in the app will not show ads in both fields while taking you to a page and exiting at the same time.
9. Not placing full screen ads in places where users are distracted or clicked while they are concentrating on some activity (eg playing a game, filling out a form, reading content). Such work cannot be done in any way.
Don't make these mistakes with Rewarded Video Ad:
10. Rewarded Video Ad cannot be used while entering or exiting the app.
11. Not rewarding the user after showing Rewarded Video Ad, this cannot be done. After showing the Rewarded Video Ad, the user must be rewarded.
Best practice

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Best Practice For Banner Ad:
1. The banner ad should be given in such a way that when clicking on any other button or element of the app, the ad is not clicked.
2. Place a banner ad at the bottom or top of any static screen outside the main layout where there are no buttons.
3. Don't place banner ads in the middle of any scrollable content, just outside of it.
4. Banner ads cannot be displayed on top of any item so that the main app content is not visible. I will display the ad in such a way that the contents of the app can be seen.
5. Banner Ad will be fixed in a certain place on a page. For example, you can have a fixed layout at the top or bottom.
6. I will not give any specific width and height of Banner Ad.
7. Advertisements should always be kept separate from interactive elements.

Best Practice For Interstitial Ad:
8. Don't place Interstitial Ad at the beginning of running the app.
9. Set a suitable time to show Interstitial Ad. Interstitial Ad will not show when.
10. Interstitial Ad will show when going from one page to another page.
Best Practice For Rewarded Ad:
11. Rewarded Ad is usually used in gaming apps. It is better to use Rewarded Ad if you can improve any level within the app.
12. Must keep cross (✕) option to close Rewarded Ad.

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