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If you want you can earn from Telegram, you want to earn money from Telegram


Nowadays Telegram apps have become very popular. Generally these apps are known to all as messaging apps. But Telegram apps have some features through which you can earn money. Income from Telegram is discussed in detail in this article.

This application was established in the month of March 2013 and later on the 6th of September of the same year this application was launched on the Play Store. Since then the application has been quite popular as a messaging platform in the European region.

But since 2018, this application has become very popular in Bangladesh as well. Currently we can earn money from this application. Earning money from a messaging platform may sound a bit messy but it is true.

If you want you can earn from Telegram, you want to earn money from Telegram

Although Telegram is only a messaging app for many people, many people are earning money using Telegram. Basically by opening Telegram channels, they are earning money by increasing the number of members there.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a messaging app. Through which you can make very fast messaging, audio calls, video calls. Telegram is a 2-step encrypted messaging platform. Therefore, Telegram is considered to be the most secure free messaging app of this time. It has three versions Android, iOS app and PC.

In addition to sending personal messages, public Telegram groups or Telegram channels can be opened. Many people join the Telegram channel. One interesting thing about Telegram is that you can send any type of attachment file through it.

Being highly secured, fast and free, the popularity of Telegram is increasing day by day.

Where to download Telegram app?

You can install Telegram official app from play store. Moreover, you can install Telegram for iPhone from the Apple Store and for PC from Telegram's official website.

Earn money from Telegram

First of all, Telegram does not officially give you any opportunity to earn money. You will only use the Telegram community to earn money. There is no opportunity to monetize Telegram like YouTube or Facebook.

Day by day, as the number of users of Telegram is increasing, the possibility of earning money from Telegram is increasing. To earn money on Telegram you need to open Telegram channel first. It is not enough to just open the channel and increase the number of members in the Telegram channel.

Opening and managing Telegram channels

Prerequisite to earn money from Telegram app is to open Telegram channel and increase channel members. Telegram channels are similar to Facebook groups where members can view different content.

Important points about Telegram channels:

  • Telegram channel should be given good name
  • Channel logo, description should be provided
  • Content should be provided on regular channels
  • Share to increase members
  • Retain members by offering giveaways and engaging content

In this case, the thought of earning money should be removed from the head. If done properly you will soon have 4-5 thousand Telegram members. Regularly providing interesting content will keep members active in Telegram channel and you will gain credibility.

Different ways to earn money from Telegram

So far we have learned a lot about Telegram, as well as how to manage Telegram channels.

Now we will know how to earn money from Telegram app. For example:

  • Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate)
  • Product Reselling
  • Paid Promotion
  • Paid membership
  • Link Shortener (Url Shortener)
  • Referral link

Affiliate Marketing

There is nothing new to say about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means buying a product or service through you. If someone buys a product or service through your link, the company will give you profit based on that product, in simple words this is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn online. Because affiliate marketing does not require any investment.

If you have 4-5 thousand people on your channel on Telegram, you can do affiliate marketing very easily. You can easily profit by affiliate products or services that match your Telegram channel niche.

There are thousands of e-commerce websites online that have affiliate marketing programs. Three popular affiliate programs are:

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • eBay

You first go to these e-commerce sites and open the affiliate profile from the “become an affiliate” option. Then put the affiliate link of their product on your Telegram channel. In this case, the more members there are in the channel, the more chances there will be of commission.

Product reselling

Product reselling, however, is very similar to affiliate marketing. But product reselling means product reselling ie resale.

There are many apps and websites online through which you can resell products. If you want, you can resell the product from two Bangladeshi sites. 1. Today's Deal 2. shop up

First of all, you have to create a reseller account on such a website. Then share the product link on your telegram. If anyone buys products from that link, you will get commission. In this case, the more members you have in Telegram, the more you can earn.

Paid Promotion

Let's first understand what paid promotion is. Now we all are familiar with digital marketing. Almost all companies now market their products through digital marketing.

As you may have seen while watching videos on YouTube, content creators are advertising various products or companies within the video, which we call sponsors. Basically this sponsor is a paid promotion. That is, you have a good fan-follower or community, companies promote them through you.

Discussed in detail, hope everything is clear to you.

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As you may know, companies give very good amount of remuneration for this paid promotion.

In this case, you can do paid promotion only if your Telegram channel has many members. Companies will want to promote their products with you only if you have a large number of members i.e. if you have a good community.

Paid membership

If you provide premium content on your Telegram channel then you can enable paid membership system. In this system, if you want to become a member of Telegram channel, you have to become a member by paying money.

In this case, your channel must be private first. Also, premium and interesting content should be shared on the channel.

Suppose you can share various premium accounts, premium wordpress themes/plugins, blogger templates, premium apps on your channel. And you can charge a certain amount from the members of your channel.

You can become a member of your channel and watch content only after paying certain charges. In this way it is easy to earn good amount of income very easily through paid membership.

Link shortener

There are many websites online where you can earn money by shortening links. Clicking on the shortened link shows the ads to the visitor before showing the main content. Basically this is how you can earn money by shortening links.

Some of the popular link shortener websites are mentioned:

  • Adf.ly
  • ouo.io
  • Shorte.st
  • Adyou.me
  • Al.ly
  • Victly.com

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First of all, you have to make a publisher account on these websites.

If you have given different content in your Telegram channel then you will shorten the link. Most of these websites pay 1/2 dollar per 1000 clicks. In this case if you have 4/5 thousand members then you can easily earn.

Referral link

Those who are struggling with online income are more or less aware of referral links. There are various apps that give bonuses for signing up. This is very similar to affiliate marketing.

If you use the referral code or referral link, you will get the commission if someone opens an account.

Especially the new app offers referral income for their promotion. You will get bonus just by downloading KO app with your referral link!

In this case you can share your referral link on Telegram channel. Then you can earn money on those who use your referral link.

last word

 This is how you can earn money from Telegram app in different ways  . In this article we are about earning from Telegram

Some tips to earn money at home

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