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Importance of part time job in student life, 12 important benefits of part time job in student life


Job is not a live deer that he has to chase, job is a golden deer. A slightly inert substance that is always fixed in place. Can't go back.

So if you deserve that golden deer, can anyone afford to take it to someone else? Now the question is what can be understood as qualification? Part-time job is one of the easiest ways to qualify.

In this blog we will discuss why it is important to do part time jobs in student life and what are the obstacles in doing part time jobs for Bangladeshi students.

Importance of part time job in student life, 12 important benefits of part time job in student life

What is a part time job?

Part-time jobs are usually limited to a few hours a day or a certain period of time. It could be graphics designing, call center work, working as a sales executive in an organization etc.

That means, you can easily make use of your spare time while studying and earn money with your talent and hard work through part-time jobs.

How important it is for students to do part time jobs (part time jobs) we can understand when we look at developed countries. Almost all of these countries work part-time during their student life, but in the case of Bangladeshi students, we notice an exception for various reasons. 

Barriers to doing part-time jobs in Bangladesh

In our country, doing something extra besides studying is a sin to the parents. In Thailand, Malaysia I found children doing street cleaning. And here we spend our childhood with the education of “kids, dirty socks”. Adds are tailored to our personality. Stay away from part-time jobs in student life, here kids are taught interdependence and alchemy. A "let's clean our own socks" type of ad could have been done, right?

Many of us say that part time jobs are good, but do we accept them? We are giving laptops to boys and girls, they are wasting time playing games. They have no urge to work on their own, and parents will not allow their children to do anything while studying. If any school teacher in our country cleans the school garden with students, then that will be the last day of that teacher's job. And if the road is to be cleaned, it seems that the teacher will have to leave the country.

A common question from the HR department for freshers is, “Do you have any experience? Have you done this before?" They actually want to know if you have experience in co-curricular activities, part-time jobs or not. I will give you the responsibility of the purchase department, now if you never shop, buy and sell, how can I trust you? Would you get it if you did?

Remember, freshers are not asked about their work experience during the interview, they are asked whether they have done similar work before.  "I am a fresher, where can I get work experience?" This statement is not acceptable in this case. Company is not liable to give you job.

Many students doing PhD abroad do part time jobs in restaurants or super shops. The wisdom of paying your own expenses along with your education is instilled in foreigners during their school life, and that's why they encourage everyone to work part-time during their student life. In all this, their education goes on and there is no interruption in their education.

What kind of part time job should be done?

Tuition is the main part time job for students in Bangladesh. But even in getting a little tuition there is a barrier from the family. Those who do something despite all these things have to hear such comments again, "The greed for money will come, the mind will sit on the table of not reading." Mother might say, “What? Will my son work?!” But one thing is needless to say in this case, that is, Tushani does not give you any recognition. It only pays some money.

But part time job during student life in any company gives you recognition and respect. Suppose a final year student is doing 6 tuitions. His monthly income is 30,000 rupees. But the experience in the job market is zero. Moreover, if he joins a job with a salary of Rs 15,000 after passing, it will be very difficult for him to survive there.

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Some ideal part-time jobs could be:

  • Acting as a brand ambassador of a company
  • Working in a shopping mall
  • Working part time in sales
  • Working in event management
  • Doing accounting work
  • Collaborative work with teachers
  • Doing work that can contribute to social development
  • Keeping oneself busy with various cottage industries.

You can't imagine how much it will take you forward if you engage in this kind of work. Moreover, a part-time student job will make your CV unique, making you more confident during job interviews.

Part time job in student life: Why do part time job?

  • earn money

A great way to earn money while studying is to get a part-time job as a student. Just as earning money can lead to self-reliance, self-confidence increases manifold. After a month of hard work, you can get a heavenly joy by getting the salary at the end of the month and fulfilling your hobby with it by doing a part time job during your student life.

If you like to travel, you can easily go, you can buy something of personal interest. And if it's with your own money, then the happiness probably increases many times!

  • Gaining new skills and experience

Part time jobs are especially important for students, as they provide skills that cannot be acquired through studies alone. For example:

  • Communication skills
  • Working as a team
  • Finding a solution to any problem
  • Planning and implementing it properly
  • Skills such as presenting beautifully can be acquired.

As a student juggles his studies and other work as well as work, the workload on him is more than others. It develops the ability to face any challenge in life. Which will help him succeed in his later career. If the job is related to your subject of study, it will serve as technical education in that particular subject.

  • Meet new people 

A part time job allows you to meet a lot of new faces and mingle with a lot of people in a short amount of time. As your communication skills improve, so will your ability to adapt to different types of people.

The more people one interacts with in post-education life, the more likely one is to succeed. Moreover, you can get a chance to get a job in the future by proving your work and performance in the organization where you will work.

  • Time management

Usually a student has a lot of time left on his hands as he has no responsibilities except studies. During these remaining hours of the week he has to do the work. As a result, he has to follow a new routine, i.e. learn to divide the time and work.

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  • Helps build a strong CV

A strong CV is highly needed in today's competitive job market. Now the candidate's eligibility is not determined only on the basis of the results but the activities and skills are given more priority in addition to the studies. In this case, small jobs in student life will help you to make your place.

Since there is always a need to update or add to the CV, part-time employment can increase the amount of those additions. As soon as you finish your studies, you will be able to present yourself as one of the best candidates in the job market!

Things that will put you ahead of others

That day, I wanted to know through a post on Facebook that if you send CV 100 times, how many times do you get calls? If we consider 100 comments, we see that 60 people said 2-3, 30 people said 4-5, rest 10 got 8-10 calls. That means on an average we get 4-5 calls after sending 100 CVs.

So many of us get confused once we get a call. Many are getting interview calls after three to four months. Again against each seat you have to compete with around 30-40 people. Now he will get the golden deer at the price he can buy it, right?

Do you have similar experience? Can you be entrusted with the golden deer? Think once. You graduated at the age of 25. Have you not experienced in these 25 years?

  • Take charge of any event arrangement, take charge of picnic. Lead any team.
  • Join associations or groups. Follow company pages on Facebook, LinkedIn.
  • Build networking as a student, 55% studying, 45% networking.
  • Work, join clubs. Part time jobs for students will give you experience after you pass.

You will get experience of office culture, rules, policies, teamwork while being a student.

Best part-time jobs for students

  1. Blogging  – Best way to earn part-time income online. By creating a blog site you can earn by showing ads on it.
  2. YouTube channel  – Second best way of online income.
  3. Tuition  - Earn income by teaching kids at home.
  4. Content writing job  – Currently you will get various jobs of writing articles for different websites / blogs.
  5. Online survey jobs  – There are various paid survey websites online that can earn income by working on them.
  6. Part-time sales & marketing work  – You can work part-time in any company to sell their products.
  7. Digital marketing  – You can learn digital marketing from home and earn part-time or full-time income.
  8. Food delivery  – Part-time food delivery work can be done during your student life. Many people do this kind of work.
  9. Accounts  – You can do part-time work of looking at the accounts of various small firms.

So for me the above mentioned jobs are the best part time jobs for students.


These desperate boys and girls trying to live the dreams of others eat the ultimate catch after passing. Job market woes. Everyone wants experience, where to get experience? That Candy Crush or Clash of Clans during varsity doesn't listen to us anymore. As the saying goes, one drop of time is ten drops of time.

On the other hand, after passing out, the unemployed have a lot of family pressure. "The neighbor's son gets a job, why can't you?" Stump, but the young boy wanted to be a photographer. He didn't want to be an engineer, he didn't want to. Who will understand his mind?

I know many people's lives are full of wrong decisions. But if you understand the mistake, it is no longer a mistake, then there is an opportunity to correct yourself. Whatever happened in life, forget it. Start fresh today.

No one is responsible for this, we are. If you look up and spit, it will come to your mouth. He who asserts himself, the world cannot awaken him. Be confident about yourself, not self-destructive. Every entertainment has an equal and opposite cry. All work is work, there is no such thing as big or small. The labor I give today, I will get its value tomorrow. Guarantee, money back if failed.

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