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Income from online surveys, income from surveys, ways to earn online through paid surveys


Income from online surveys, income from surveys, ways to earn online through paid surveys

Income from online surveys, income from surveys, ways to earn online through paid surveys, websites to earn money from online paid surveys, earn from surveys from Bangladesh, 15 ways to earn from surveys, what is a survey? Best Survey Earning Website, Online Paid Survey Earning Website, Online Survey Earning

Income from online surveys, income from surveys, ways to earn online through paid surveys

We are going to share with you a popular article on this website that is survey on how to earn online. We know there are many ways to earn money online.

But survey earning is a very easy job but it is more popular for newbies and people who don't know about online properly this job is gaining popularity.

There are various types of online surveys that can be used to earn online. According to many, if you work three to four hours daily, you can earn 8 to 10 thousand rupees per month by doing surveys.

What is the survey? (What is Survey)

A survey is a type of research method through which data is collected from a target group or groups based on their needs, interests, likes or dislikes.

Using this data later, observe the data well and use it. These researches are usually done in different ways, in different ways. So that a researcher can bring out the correct information or data.

Why are surveys important? (Importance of Survey)

The market is constantly changing. A product that is in demand in the market today may not be in demand tomorrow. What a consumer likes to buy today may not buy tomorrow.

Therefore, having the correct understanding and knowledge about the market is very important and very important for a company. If not, the company is likely to collapse after a few days.

To survive in the market, they have to constantly conduct surveys or research to maintain the quality of their products. And this is why survey is very important for every company.

What is a survey job? (What is Online Survey Job)

Survey job is an online job. These jobs are offered by different companies. Companies provide these tasks to get a proper idea about their products, their market. So that they can get a better idea about their market and their customers and manage their company accordingly.

Just as the success of a company depends on the publicity of the company, if a company has a good understanding of their market and has a good knowledge of the likes and dislikes of their customers, then the chances of success are high. 100% remains.

So they give these survey works to collect data about their products, their market. We do those works for some money. As a result they benefit as well as we can earn money.

What will be required for the survey job?

  • A Desktop/Laptop/Smartphone (Not all sites can be worked on smartphones but some good quality sites can be worked on.)
  • A USA IP or USA VPS that you need to purchase.

What is IP? (What is IP)

An IP address is a unique address that identifies a device within the Internet or its local network. IP address is unique to a device. That is, an IP address will never belong to more than one device.

What is VPS? (What is VPS)

The full form of VPS is Virtual Private Server. That is, VPS is a private server that we can connect to our PC and run.

In more simple words, using VPS we can hide our personal IP and do anything from browsing.

Why buy IP and VPS?

Since we live in Bangladesh, we cannot do these survey jobs for free. For this we need to purchase VPS or IP.

Reason- You cannot do survey work directly from Bangladesh. It is not possible to do these things with Bangladeshi IP. And for that you have to buy any one of these two things. So that you can change the IP of your PC or laptop.


When you change your Bangladesh IP and connect to America IP, you can do these tasks very easily.

So purchasing VPS and IP is a must. There are various Facebook groups in Bangladesh who provide these tasks, you can start working with IP from them.

Some essential tips and tricks to earn from surveys

Many earn more by doing surveys, but some do not. More importantly, surveys are about giving information about yourself. So keep the following tips in mind to increase your income and keep yourself safe.

1. Work on the best survey sites

There are many survey sites all over the world. It is not possible to work on all survey sites just as it is not right to sign up on all of them.

So first you have to decide which are the top survey sites. First select them and then start working on them. Then there is a possibility of more income.

2. Be careful when giving out personal information

When a company sends you a survey, it asks some personal questions. Be careful while answering these questions.

Because you can get good work for these questions and your account can get banned for wrong answers.

3. Set a specific time to work on the survey

Survey work is as simple as it requires a lot of patience. So it is important to choose a suitable time to do the survey. Just like our office hours.

If you can work according to that time every day then you can earn good money at the end of the month. Consistency is an important factor in every task.

4. Install antivirus

There are many survey sites that use third party websites. So a good quality antivirus must be installed before starting the survey work. Then there will be less risk of damage to your desktop or laptop.

Although speaking from my own experience, the chances of not having antivirus installed are very low. Still one can do it to be extra careful.

5. Turn on Auto Fill

I would recommend everyone to use Google Chrome browser. Because this browser is provided with auto fill system. So there is no need to fill one thing again and again especially the personal information is not needed to be filled again and again.

Since you have to give personal information repeatedly to work on the survey, so time is wasted and so auto fill can save your time and effort.

6. Avoid disqualification

Avoid Disqualification and it will save you time. Some surveys can disqualify you while doing some surveys and in many cases there are some surveys which can be disqualified after 5-10 minutes. Don't delay with these and start a new survey. This will increase your income and save time.

7. Use good quality IP or VPS

A good quality IP or VPS can double your online survey income. There are some VPS and IP which are available at a very cheap price but they can't be taken then you won't be able to get good work on survey sites and there will be a possibility of account ban but good quality IP and VPS don't have this possibility. Rather your income will be more. So a good quality VPS and IP is very important.

15 sites to earn from doing online surveys from Bangladesh

Today I am going to introduce you to 15 best survey sites where you can earn money online from home. The survey sites I have shared below are trustworthy and 100% paying.

Cinchbucks Survey Income

Cinchbucks  is one of the leading and highest paying websites. It is a reliable site with more than 1 million users worldwide. It is a reliable site for collecting data and information.

It gathers its valuable feedback from the work of various people and pays them in return. It has various referral programs. You can participate in them and earn good money if you want. You will earn CB Points when you complete each survey. Also by referring, you can earn more points by using promo code.

But your main task will be surveying. The more surveys you complete, the more points you will accumulate in your account. These points can later be redeemed and converted into dollars and withdrawn through PayPal, Visa or Mastercard. Moreover, there are various types of gift cards (Gift Cards) through which you can get your dollars in hand such as: Amazon, iTunes, Walmart.


Prizerebel  is one of the survey sites through which you can earn online by doing surveys. But not only survey work, you can work in more ways. No matter where you live in the world, you can work through registration on this site. You can work from Bangladesh through IP and VPS.

You can earn from this site by doing online surveys, online offers, referring friends, playing games, winning daily bonus points and even completing various small tasks.

The Prizerebel  site has a lot of great points surveys that you can complete in a short amount of time and earn a lot of points. Usually $10 you can withdraw dollars from this site. Withdrawal can be done through various gift cards, PayPal or bank account.


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Toluna  is one of the paid survey sites that will provide you Cint surveys. Cint is the world's largest consumer network with approximately 144 million consumer connections worldwide. That means this site will provide you the best quality surveys and they have no shortage of survey work. Because there are thousands of survey jobs as it is associated with Cint Survey.

You can also earn money by participating in various polls, games and surveys on this site. From my experience, currently there are many sites that are making good money from Toluna. The survey quality of this site is very good.

Toluna  provides very fast payments. In addition to PayPal, bank withdrawal, you can easily get your money through various types of gift cards such as: Amazon, Visa.


Swagbucks  is the largest GPT website in the world. The site has around 20 million users worldwide. Swagbucks is a site through which big companies do research about their market, their products. Swagbucks is one of the best survey sites   . You can easily earn 200 or more dollars a month by working 4-5 hours a day.

You can earn not only surveys, but also by watching videos through this site. Moreover, you can earn through online games, online offers, cashback for shopping. You can refer friends. $3 per referral will be credited to your account and lifetime percentage on the amount earned by your friend.

You can earn $0.5 to $1 for each survey. You can withdraw your dollars through PayPal, wire transfer, bank, various gift cards.

Branded Survey

In my opinion  Branded Survey  is the best site to earn from surveys. Because - as you get comfort working on this site, your account will not be banned easily on this site. And once you can complete your profile well on this site and take two payments well then no more worries. You can work month after month with one account. No need to spend money for phone verification by opening account again and again.

This Branded Survey site is one of the most reliable and trustworthy survey sites in the world. Small to high level surveys are available here. From 0.5 dollars to 3, 4 or 5 dollars you will get surveys if you can work with patience.

PayPal, bank or gift card is best for taking payment from Branded Survey  like other sites. You can withdraw only when you have $10 in your account.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars  is one of the ideal sites to earn from surveys  . It is also possible to earn on this site by playing games, offers, reading mails. But since the survey is our only target, it is better to work on the survey. This site pays a lot for a survey. Most of its surveys start from 1 dollar and go up to 12, 13 and even 15 dollars. Just think, you can get 15 dollars by doing a survey!

More surveys are available on this site in the morning. Another thing to note about this site is that this site does not have unlimited surveys. Limited surveys are offered on this site. 8-10 per day. But every survey is very high level. That is, you can earn 10 dollars by doing 10 surveys on other sites, here you can earn the same dollars by doing 2 or 1 survey.

 You get $5 for signing up to Inbox Dollars . You can withdraw $30 on this site. You can withdraw via PayPal, gift card or bank.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie  is one of the hottest survey sites out there today. If you go to various Facebook groups related to survey work in Bangladesh, you will see that currently thousands of people in Bangladesh are working on this site and earning good money.

You can convert points earned by taking surveys on this site into cash or gift cards. In addition to surveys, you can earn through referrals, offers, games, shopping. Also, sometimes this site offers many bonus tasks that you can complete to earn extra income.

 You can earn from 0.5 to 2-3 dollars for each survey done on Survey Junkie . You can withdraw only if you have 10 dollars in your account. Withdrawal can be made via PayPal, Gift Card or Bank. But most people in Bangladesh are withdrawing through USA verified bank account. You will get this bank account through whoever you work with and through this you will get your earned dollars in your hands.

Paid Viewpoint

Paid Viewpoint  is an online survey site where you can go through surveys. However, Paid Viewpoint is a little different from other survey sites. Reason- This survey site will not provide you unlimited survey like other sites. This site will first offer you survey after which if you complete these survey then you will get points.


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This site pays $0.25 to $2 for each survey. You can withdraw from this site if you have a minimum of $15 in your account. Withdrawal can be made through PayPal, Bank, Gift Card.


YouGov  is an interesting survey site. In particular, there are separate survey panels for each country. This site is mainly created to analyze the American market. First you need to sign up on this site. Then work can begin.

You don't get unlimited surveys on this site like other sites. Usually you will get 7 to 8 surveys per week. When you are selected for a new survey, you will be notified in your mail.

 Points will be credited to your account for taking surveys on YouGov . You can withdraw when you have accumulated 5000 points in your account. You can withdraw through PayPal. But the best is to give a gift card with withdrawal.


CinchDollars  is different from other survey panels. Its online surveys are based on current trending topics, social topics, current problems or modern ideas rather than market or product research.

You can also earn from this site through referrals, promo videos, refer friends, games. Get 20% lifetime percentage for each refer. Withdrawal can be made from this site if you have 12 dollars in your account. Withdrawal can be done by gift card. Moreover, withdrawal can also be given through PayPal, Bank.


Crowdology  is a market research company that offers paid surveys. By doing these paid surveys you can earn by doing surveys online. This site is operated by a UK company.

Crowdology  is a trusted and reliable site. If you can work on this site then they will pay you 100%. This site is very nice and interesting to look at and also very easy to use this site. Anyone can work on this site.

Each paid survey on this site usually takes 5 to 35 minutes to complete and you can earn from $0.24 to $2 for each survey. There is a minimum of $8 you can withdraw from this site. But if you want to withdraw through Amazon Voucher then you must have $10 in your account. You can also withdraw through PayPal.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research  is one of the paid online survey sites. You can also work on this site using IP from Bangladesh. If you join their site from an invitation link then you will get $3 bonus.

You will get points for working on this site. Each point will be counted as one cent. For each survey you can get maximum 300 points. This site is a reliable site. If you work you will get 100% payment. This site keeps its users in mind and makes their site very simple. So that anyone can use this site very easily.

 You can withdraw only when the points you get from working on the Pinecone Research site reach 1000 points. You can withdraw using PayPal. Moreover, withdrawals can be made through gift cards. There are many gift cards that can be purchased and withdrawn using very few points.

Cash Crate

Cash Crate  is an online paid survey site. You can earn from this site by playing games, offers, referrals, surveys. You can register on this site for free. You can also earn by participating in contests on this site.

You will get 1 to 5 dollars for each survey. Minimum $14 can be withdrawn from this site. You can withdraw your dollars through PayPal, Amazon gift cards or other gift cards.

Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online  is a large and paid survey site. Through this you can earn money by doing surveys. It only applies to some countries like: UK, USA, Canada and Australia. However, this site can be accessed using IP or VPS from Bangladesh.

The interface of this site is very simple and straightforward. Through this you can work easily. With a minimum of $10, you can withdraw your earned dollars through various gift cards. If you work here you will get 100% payment. This is a reliable site.


Another site to earn money from surveys is  ClixSense  . It has many high paying surveys available. Which in very short time you can earn good quality points and earn good money.

This site also has mobile apps using which you can work on this site even through mobile. Its interface is very nice and attractive which will attract you to do more surveys. Minimum $8 you can withdraw from this site. Withdrawals can be made via PayPal, Gift Card and Bank.

Last word about survey income

If you really want to stay online then survey work can be the best opportunity for you. Because you don't need any special skills to earn from surveys. Only if you have computer knowledge.

Nowadays many people show many temptations  to earn from online  but none of them are fruitful. But the income from this survey is not an enticement. This work is currently being done and will continue to be done in the future.

There are many groups on Facebook that provide this work. You can connect with those groups on Facebook and work with IP or VPS. I give 100% guarantee that you can earn by doing surveys. But yes, you have to be dedicated to work, work patiently. Then you will get success in survey work.

You can complete each survey just by answering different questions. Currently many students are earning good money online by doing this survey. So why not you? Start from today. Online income from survey jobs is just a matter of time for you.

Hopefully, our today's guide on earning survey work and 15 trusted survey job sites from Bangladesh will open up your income path.

Some tips to earn money at home

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