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Is a card good or bad? What is the purpose of credit card? What are the three advantages and disadvantages of using a credit card?

Is a card good or bad? What is the purpose of credit card? What are the three advantages and disadvantages of using a credit card?

Be careful when using credit cards for online payments. The use of credit cards for online shopping is increasing. 

We regularly use credit cards in various online marketplaces. Payments cannot be made in international markets without a credit card. 

Because in all those marketplaces, payment using local debit card is not available. So many of us are currently using credit cards. We will discuss credit cards in this article.

Is a card good or bad? What is the purpose of credit card? What are the three advantages and disadvantages of using a credit card?

Caution in using credit card Caution must be taken in using credit card Credit cards are called plastic money in the modern world. A customer can use or spend or withdraw money up to a certain amount with his credit card. After certain time he has to pay that money. 

Credit cards have gained popularity in Bangladesh in the last few years. But its biggest disadvantage is the risk of falling into debt trap. So be careful while taking credit card. Be careful with use after taking. Things to be careful about while using credit card.  

Caution in using credit cards

How you can use it safely will be addressed. Because using a credit card is a small mistake that can cost you a lot of money. Because you can't pay using all types of website cards. So be aware of these things in advance. As a result, your credit card data is likely to be stolen. If you are interested in credit card details, read the full article. So I hope you know a lot about this.

Credit card

A credit card is a type of plastic card used to make payments. Credit cards can be used to make payments on various sites.  This card can be used to purchase multiple products and services. Users usually issue cards through different banks. A passport is required to use this record. No chance to use it without a dual currency passport.

Therefore, local banks allow credit card usage through passport. Credit cards are used to borrow money from banks. The amount of money you borrow is called the credit limit. Banks offer credit card limits based on a person's monthly income. You can make any transaction as per your card limit.

How credit cards work

Credit cards are usually issued based on a person's monthly income. If you make a fixed monthly payment, you will be given a credit card Otherwise, you cannot collect the credit card. The bank then places a certain limit on the credit card. You can pay at any site within your limits.

Then, at the end of the month, you will be billed for credit. You can spend that bill every month. You will trade any amount within your limit throughout the month. There are slight differences in the policies of different banks. If your monthly salary is Rs 20,000, then you can be given a maximum credit of Rs 50,000. Credit card limits are usually adjusted according to salary.

International payments

A passport will be required to make international payments by credit card . With passport, you can use dual currency. Take Andrews from the bank for this. After Andrews from the bank you will have USDT on your card. You can then make payments from that USDT balance to any international marketplace.

If you have USDT balance on your card, you can make payments in any global market. All you need to do is use the card number, validation and CVV number to make the payment. You can pay by credit card on any online marketplace like Amazon, AliExpress, eBay etc. But, before paying in these marketplaces, get Andrews from the bank.

What to do after getting a credit card

Many of us use credit cards to shop online. That's why we collect credit cards from banks through passports. But after getting a credit card there is a lot of work to be done. If you don't do these things properly, you can get into trouble. It is best to do the following to make a proper transaction

Activate the card

Credit records are not activated immediately after collection. Any card may take 1-3 days to be activated. To activate the card before paying on any site. If the card is not active, you will be charged. You can also check the activation status of your card by calling the bank's helpline.

Collect the pin

PIN is given along with credit card to withdraw money from ATM booth. Usually, the PIN is given on the card packet. It helps if you remember the PIN However, you can change the default PIN from the ATM booth. Then save the four digit PIN well. PIN will be required while withdrawing money from ATM booth.

Passport endorsement

You need to use dual currency to make online purchases using a credit card. For this, you must have a USDT balance on your card. The card usually contains the local currency. So for online shopping, get an endorsement passport. As soon as you collect the record, you will get the balance as per your requirement. Then you can use the card to make payments in various online marketplaces.

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Card privacy

You must ensure the confidentiality of your card and account. Account information may not be shared with anyone else. You cannot transfer your card to anyone else. In that case, anyone can pay with your card. Because PIN is not required for credit card payments. Payment can be made using card number, validation and CVV number. So never transfer credit card to anyone. Also, do not share the card number with anyone else. This will allow anyone to make payments from your records.

Credit card online account

Any bank uses an online credit card account. You can view card balance online. You will also have the opportunity to transfer any compensation from the card. So use an online account to check your card balance regularly. Currently, most banks have Android apps. With these apps, you can view all transactions on the card. Consequently, if you notice any unwanted transactions, you can immediately contact the bank.

Credit card facilities

This time, we will learn about some of the benefits of using credit cards. Know the benefits of using credit cards . Here are some that I found interesting:

Creating a credit record

Credit cards carry a limited amount of transactions. If you can meet that limit regularly, you will get a lot of benefits. If your transaction record is excellent, various offers are available through the card. Many times there are opportunities to avail different offers. So you can use credit card for any regular transaction. As a result, you can always meet the bank's payment limit. As a result, you will always have a higher credit score. If you have a higher card and credit score, you can get other benefits from the bank later.

get reward

Due to credit card transactions, different reward points are awarded. Most banks offer rewards on transactions. Multiple offers are also available through this award. This reward bonus is given to customers depending on additional payments. So you can earn reward points by making regular transactions.


You can make the most secure transactions with credit cards. If there is an unintended transaction from your record, you will receive a refund. Credit card issuers usually arrange for refunds. If you can provide the right proof, you can get your stolen money back. So using credit card is safer than all other cards and checks. Here, there is no risk on your own.

Loan facility

Credit cards often offer zero percent interest loans. Various travel visas usually offer loans at zero percent interest. For this, a certain amount has to be paid every month. There is no additional hassle as the bank pays the loan on time.

Credit card problems

This time, we will learn about some of the disadvantages of credit cards . You need JavaScript enabled to view this. Here is a look at some of the disadvantages of credit cards.

Additional costs

Using credit cards can help you develop a habit of overcharging because credit cards allow you to use extra credit. So many times your spending habits can increase from your savings.

Credit risk

Using a credit card always works to get a loan. Since credit cards allow you to overspend, using this card can put you at risk of debt. Additional costs may apply. Pay by credit card at the end of each month. So you can spend a lot without knowing it. With credit cards, you may be at risk of falling into debt.

Fees and Interest

If you use a card, you usually have to pay a certain fee. Even if you use a credit card, you must pay an annual fee. There are also various fees charged on transactions. As a result, you may have to pay the fee without knowing it at the end of the year. The price we provide using a credit card is often unknown because the cost is deducted from the record during a transaction.

Precautions to be taken

We are constantly using credit cards for various online purchases. But follow some rules while using this credit card. You need to use the card with some precautions. Otherwise you will be in danger.

Keep the card safe.

You must secure a credit card. Because no PIN is required for credit card transactions. Anyone can transact as soon as they receive your card because the card number, validity and CVV number are given on the card. Credit card transactions can be made using this number.

Change PIN regularly.

PIN is required for ATM booth withdrawal with card. So it is better to change PIN regularly. Also, never write the PIN on the card. If you ever lose your card, you can withdraw money using your PIN. To change PIN regularly and remember the PIN correctly.

Check the transaction

Nowadays most banks view their statements online. Every bank now has facility to view balance through Android app and website So keep checking your credit card statement regularly. Try to see if there are any unwanted transactions. Contact the bank immediately in case of any unwanted transaction.

Unknown website

We usually do online transactions by credit card . Here, don't use the card on an unfamiliar website. Before paying on any website one should know about that site well. Also, know about the website's payment gateway.

There are many international payment gateways for online payments. Generally, e-commerce sites use this payment gateway. So before making payment on any site, you should know well about that site. Otherwise, they can steal your card information. So always pay using credit card on trusted sites.

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