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Online income by data entry, income by data entry on mobile, how to earn money online by doing data entry


Many people express interest to know what is data entry and how much money can be earned by data entry.

Online income by data entry, income by data entry on mobile, how to earn money online by doing data entry work

If you want to earn money online, you must have heard that you can earn money by data entry. If you are good at computer typing, you can earn a lot of money every month by doing data entry.

Online income by data entry, income by data entry on mobile, how to earn money online by doing data entry


In this post I will discuss in detail how much money can be earned and how to start earning money.

If you are interested in earning money online and want to earn it by data entry, then read this post completely. In today's post you will get all the detailed information about data entry. So let's get started.

Online income by data entry, income 2024 by data entry on mobile

What is data entry?

Data means information. Entry means entering. Various types of information are collected in computers. These data are entered into the computer in different ways. A lot of information is collected by doing data entry. This is data entry. That is, the means of collecting various types of information in the computer is called data entry. The subjects on which data entry is done are-

  • Name and address
  • phone number
  • Email address
  • Credit card information
  • Amount sold
  • Production data
  • Customer Service Report

Data entry operators must be able to type quickly and accurately. They must be familiar with computer programs and software. Must be patient and attentive.

Any job can be done by learning data entry. One can join part time or full time job by learning data entry. Those who do data entry are usually well paid. Many learn data entry and do freelancing.

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No specific educational qualification is required to become a data entry operator. However, many companies prefer candidates with a high school diploma or equivalent qualification. Some companies offer data entry training. If you want to earn money freelancing, then data entry can be the start of your freelancing journey.

Ways to earn money by data entry

Everything is now online based. So, people are storing their personal life information or business information, everything online. Data entry is the act of collecting all the information in one place and depositing it in a specific database. One sector of freelancing is data entry. If you visit the marketplace, you will find that many people are earning a good amount of money every month just doing data entry work.

But, if you want to do data entry work, your typing speed should be fast. Next, you will need a computer or laptop. Must have internet connection. Besides, you need to have an understanding of all data entry related software. For example: Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Besides, various information should be collected from online and stored. Only then you can earn money from online marketplace by doing data entry work.

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What to do and how to earn?

1. By freelancing

Different organizations offer data entry work on different websites. One of them is  Fiver . 

You can find work by creating an account in your own name on Fiver. On an average, around 100-200 companies offer data entry jobs on Fiver every day. 

You can take the job from there by showing your skills. And, through this you can earn a lot of money at the end of the month.

2. By entering captcha

Can do captcha entry for extra earnings. By doing this you can earn 15000-20000 rupees per month.

In this case, your typing speed must be good. Because, depending on the typing speed your income will go up and down.

3. Listen and write

You can earn money by listening to audio and writing it in word file. But, for that you need to have sharp listening skills.

If so, you did not listen properly, but you may write down the wrong information. And, this wrong information is very harmful for data entry. 

In this case, your understanding of English should be good. Because, you have to understand each word and write it correctly.

4. Email  processing  _

A lot of money can be earned by processing e-mails in the field of data entry.

In this case, you need to do several things. First create Excel spreadsheet to check email. Then, a list has to process hundreds of mails daily. 

The task is a bit complicated. However, if you can, you can earn a huge amount of money.

5. Micro job

Micro job is an alternative source of income. Especially, those looking for typing related jobs. 

You can work as an employee on the micro job site. It is comparatively easier than other tasks. Hence, no prior experience is required for this job.

6. Data entry in web system

This data entry job is to write information from various catalogs to the web system. In this case, you need to read the legal sections and insurance claims. Then, enter the information from there into a Word file or Excel spreadsheet. 

You may be asked to enter a lot of information in this task. For example: automobile registration number, owner name etc.

7. captioning

Captioning work is advanced level. Because, here you have to write the headline. Also, you need to write a news headline or photo caption.

But, this work is not very available. Besides, this job does not earn much money. Therefore, good quality data entry workers do not do this job very often.

8. Data formatting

Data formatting requires you to type less. And, more formatting is required. However, this work is profitable

The amount is also fairly good.

9. Copy-paste 

This task is very simple. Copy and paste data from one file to another. Typically, the work is done in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet.

Copy-paste does not require much typing. However, proficiency in English is very important to do this job.

10. Image to text data entry function

Here, you will be given a picture. The image can also be a screenshot.

Ward reads you from that picture

To be written in the document. However, you have to remember, these are not common words. These are words you may have never heard before.

11. Re-Formatting and Correction-

Formatting jobs usually include word document formatting. Here, aligning paragraphs, indentation, fonts, etc. are required.

Also, you often have a large form

May need to be formatted. There, there will be different types of fields; For example - name, email id, address, phone number etc.

12. Formatting and editing

You need to have special skills in English to do this job. Because here you are only

Don't fix spelling mistakes. Besides, you also need to fix the grammar.

13. Online data capturing

To do this you need to collect data from various e-magazines and e-books.

Good command of English is highly required for this job. 

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Data entry earning site

If you want to earn money by data entry,  you have to work in online marketplace. To do any work in the freelancing sector, we have to work in the online marketplace. Since data entry is a freelancing job, we have to work in online marketplaces. Below I have listed some online marketplaces from which you   can earn money by entering data .

  • Rev – Rev
  • Upwork – Upwork
  • Freelancer – Freelancer
  • Fiverr – Fiverr
  • People Per Hour
  • Flexjobs – Flexjobs
  • Clickworker – Clickworker
  • MegaTypers – MegaTypers
  • Scribie – Scribie

You can earn money by doing data entry work from the above online marketplace websites. If you want to earn income by data entry or by freelancing in any sector, you can open a gig by creating your profile on the websites of Upwork - Upwork, Fiverr - Fiverr, Freelancer - Freelancer, People Per Hour, Clickworker - Clickworker etc. from the above list. These are the most popular marketplaces for freelancing.

If you can do data entry,   you can work from Rev – Rev. You will get many data entry jobs on this website. You need to show samples of your work before you can get the job. It can complete a task with you.

If you want to earn money by data entry,  you may have to collect and store data in different ways. Some of the data entry tasks are: Captcha typing, online data collection, form filling, data editing and formatting, listening to audio files, etc.

How much money can be earned by data entry

Many people ask about how much money can be earned by data entry. You must also want to know how much money can be earned by data entry. After knowing the ways to earn online, many people are interested in data entry. If you also want to make a career doing such data entry work, then you can learn data entry.

It is basically impossible to say exactly how much money can be earned by data entry. Because, if you can be efficient in this work, then you can earn up to lakhs of rupees per month by freelancing. Or, you can join any government or private job after learning this job. By now you know what data entry is. If you can type very fast and store various information and data using computer, then you can join any job.

Many companies hire computer operators. You can join these jobs if you want. In this case, your typing speed, your skills on various office applications will play a very important role in your joining the job.

Our last words

In today's post,  I have discussed with you how much money can be earned by data entry in 2025. Also, many people don't know much about data entry. Hopefully, from this post you have learned what data entry is and how much money you can earn. Visit this website to read more such informative blogs.

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