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Currently, there are many ways to earn money online and offline, but one of the popular ways is ride sharing. You can choose ride sharing as an easy way to earn money nowadays. Ways to earn from ride sharing

If you have a motorbike or a private car. In that case, you can start making good money through various ride sharing websites and apps.

So in today's article, you will know what ride sharing is and how ride sharing works. Details on how to earn money by ride sharing. Ways to earn from ride sharing, earn as a ride share driver, ways to earn from ride sharing

So if you want to earn from ride sharing in Bangladesh. So let's know about which website, and which app you can use to earn.

Ways to Earn from Ride Sharing 2024

Ride sharing is slowly becoming a popular part of the transportation system in Bangladesh. As the number of customers in the ride sharing sector is increasing, so is the demand for drivers or riders. In such a situation, if you have a motorcycle or a private car, it is possible to earn easily by sharing rides in the coverage area. Many people are now taking up earning from ride sharing as a career of choice. In this post we will know:

  • What is ride sharing?
  • How Ride Sharing Works
  • including ride sharing services
  • Rules for making money by ride sharing

What is ride sharing?

Ride sharing is a simple concept. Vehicles are needed to go anywhere. There are many people who travel with their own cars or motorbikes. Suppose you go from Dhanmondi to New Market in your private car. Many more people travel this way. Rest of the seats in your private car are empty.

Now you can easily take 3 more people in your car to Newmarket if you want. That means you shared your vehicle with others. This made the journey of those three people comfortable, and they also gave you some money. This is your income. This is how the concept of ride sharing started.

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Now many people rent their own or company's car/bike full time. In the case of ride sharing, cars are not rented off the road. Instead, a driver hire request is sent from the smartphone through the app and the ride sharing process starts when the rider (i.e. the driver) accepts the request.

In other words, the traditional car rental process and the concept of ride sharing services are very similar. The only difference with ride sharing apps is that the car is rented through a smartphone app. There is nothing special here.

How does ride sharing work? How does the revenue from ride sharing work?

We know what ride sharing is. Now let's try to understand how ride sharing actually works in a few simple steps.

  • First, a customer sends a request to a nearby rider using a ride sharing app or website
  • The ride sharing app basically relays this request to the nearest rider
  • The rider accepts the request and picks up the customer from the specified location
  • After reaching the destination, the customer makes cash, mobile banking service or online payment
  • The apps work by relying on the GPS service of both the customer's and the rider's phone

That is, in this process of ride sharing, a total of three driving forces work together. First comes the ride sharing app company. Who created the platform for riders and customers. Rider is the one who drives the vehicle and customer is the passenger.

Ways to Earn from Ride Sharing 2024

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Ride sharing services receive a fixed portion of each ride, from which their management costs are deducted and the remainder is treated as profit. That is, if you register as a rider on a ride sharing app, the app company will charge you some money as their service charge.

Some Popular Ride Sharing Services in Bangladesh 2024

There are several ride sharing services in the country, both national and international. Let's take a look at the notable ride sharing services available in the country.

Pathao – Pathao

Patha began its journey in May 2015. Currently, the company is providing services in three major cities of the country, Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. Pathao has more than 8 million customers and more than 3 lakh driver-delivery agents across the country. In addition to ride sharing, Pathao provides numerous services including courier services, food delivery, e-commerce services.

Motorcycle or car can be rented using the Pathao app. The Pathao app available on the Play Store must be downloaded on the phone of both the passenger and the driver of Pathao. 

Uber – Uber

Uber is the first international ride sharing app to enter the country. The service started in November 2016. Currently Uber services are available in Cox's Bazar and Sylhet cities along with Chittagong, Dhaka. 

An Uber passenger can send a request for a car, microbus, motorbike or scooter. There are also CNG powered autorickshaws. Uber's app can be used to open an account very easily by downloading the app. Uber also often offers attractive offers.

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Obhai – Obhai

Ovai is a Bangladeshi ride sharing service operating under the slogan “Pouche Devo”, which like others is offering ride sharing services of cars, microbuses, motorbikes and CNG etc. depending on the distance to the destination. Currently, Ovai services are available in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Comilla, Cox's Bazar, etc.

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Including other ride sharing services

Apart from the mentioned platforms, many other ride sharing services are quite popular in different places in the country. Ride sharing services such as Taxiwala, Gati, Chalo, Amar Bike, Jao, Pick Me, etc. are slowly gaining popularity.

Also, some women-run ride-sharing apps for women have been launched to provide separate protection to women. Many people regularly use these services like Pink Sam, Lily or Obon. Overall, ride sharing services in the country have become very accessible. Just waiting for it to launch in your area!

Earn from ride sharing

Most ride sharing services work pretty much the same way. To earn money from ride sharing, one has to first open an account as a driver on a ride sharing platform by providing proper information. Then you can easily earn by sharing rides.

For ease of understanding, here we will know about the earnings process from some already mentioned ride sharing services. However, you can easily open an account as a driver and earn money by going to the website of any ride sharing service of your choice.

Earn from Send – Earn from Send to ride sharing

With the help of Pathao, you can earn from bikes, cars, even bicycles. If you have a bike, you can earn through ride sharing, food delivery and parcel delivery. If you have a car, you can earn through ride sharing. If you want to earn from Pathao by bicycle, you can deliver food or parcels.

A smartphone is a must to earn from Pathao. It is also mandatory to have National ID Card or Passport. In case of income through car and bike from Pathao , driving license of bike and car and proper documents are required. Pathao charges 10% to 15% of fare received from passengers as service charge. The rest is up to the rider.

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To earn through ride sharing from Pathao:

  • Download “Send Driver” app from play-store
  • Sign up for a Send Driver account by providing the correct information
  • Once the account is successfully opened, keep the Pathao Driver app status online
  • Finally, confirm the functionality of your phone's GPS and wait for the ride request
  • Complete a ride request and accept payment via Cash, Bikash or Rocket (as applicable)

Earn from Uber – Earn from Uber ride sharing

Ride sharing from Uber can be earned in almost the same way as Pathao. Driving license, NID card, vehicle registration, tax token, insurance, etc. are mandatory to earn from Uber ride sharing. Uber takes about 25% commission from fares, according to information on Uber's website. 

To earn by sharing rides from Uber:

  • First, register an Uber account as a driver online
  • Verify driver account by providing driving license and other relevant information
  • Then sign the online agreements and add the desired vehicles to the Uber account
  • Finally, go to Uber's local activation center as per your city's rules and start the process of Uber account activation.
  • Once the Uber account opening and setup process is completed, you can earn by sharing rides in the same way as Pathao

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Companies like Ovai, Move, Sam etc. provide ride sharing services in almost the same way as Pathao and Uber . Registration as a driver can be done using the website or app of these companies. The condition of registration as driver is proper possession of NID card/passport, vehicle license, driving license etc.

Do you earn from ride sharing? Or a user? Or both! Let us know your valuable opinion about ride sharing services in Bangladesh in the comment section.

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